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I'm thinking of grabbing the Superdry Brad Jacket. Most sites I have seen list the small as 34" chest, but some list the small as 36". I was wondering if anyone who has this jacket can shed some light on just how slim it fits. thanks.
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Pm the user VISS
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Superdry generally fits quite slim. I almost always size up for their clothes. But yeah follow Tee's suggestion because I think Viss has that jacket already
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anyone else have any insight on the subject while I am waiting for Viss's reply
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So, any answers?

I have a 36" chest and I see that M is listed as 36" on asos.

I'm wondering if I should get M or L...
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^ What's your height and weight ?
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^ 5'9 and 155lb
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Ok, fine...

Do you have a pic of your body, in order to get a better idea of your proportions ? I'm 5'11'' @ 168 lbs and a size M in the super dry brad jacket. BTW, mine ( NWT ! ) is on ebay right now...
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^here are some pics


I wear 30L.

What's your chest if you don't mind me asking? I see you're from Germany, I have searched for it on ebay and don't see much coming up.

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My chest is ~ 38,5-39''

Yeah, *VSCT* is right...
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^check pm
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Superdry Brad jacket measurements


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I have sold mine about a week ago on ebay !

I'm 5'11 @ 168 lbs @ 39'' chest and a size M was perfect for me...

A size L will be DEFINETELY too big for you....

Measurements for size M:

Ampit to ampit: 51cm
Shoulder seam to seam: 46cm
Armlength: 66cm
Lenght: 63cm
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BNWT SUPERDRY BRAD LEATHER JACKET BROWN - MEDIUM bei eBay.de: (endet 06.04.08 17:21:53 MESZ)

I don't think that any us-store has them, because superdry is a british label and no quite well-known in the us...

Oh well, in my opinion asos has some better looking leather jackets within the same price range...
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hey everyone, i am also in the market for a brad jacket. However, i am 5'11 180 lbs with a 40 inch chest. you guys think i should go for an L or opt for an XL?
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Hi Everyone


im new to this forum and bumping this old thread!


I am looking to buy a Superdry brad leather jacket


I am 6feet 190lbs

which size jacket should i get?  I want it a bit loose so i can wear a hoody underneath like  david beckham


Please help..  THANKS!


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well i want super dry but my dad wont let me

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Originally Posted by meggymoo View Post

well i want super dry but my dad wont let me


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