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woot 2 new goodies!!!!

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i got these two beauties in the mail today!

hmmmm.... what could they be....

a balenciaga 2005 bubblegum first & marc jacobs icy black quilted cammie!!!!!!!!!

the bbag's pics don't do it juctice, it's much brighter IRL. it's so soft & smooshy! i've been waiting for the MJ for about 2 years but don't pay retail for anything so I wait patiently on ebay and finally got one for a great deal!!!

here's my collection (if it can be called that, it's more of a small teeny family)
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That pink Bbag is Gorgeous! How much did you pay for it?
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Originally Posted by malves View Post
That pink Bbag is Gorgeous! How much did you pay for it?
I got a good deal on tpf marketplace: $515 shipped.
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They're gorgeous!

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I love the pink b-bag
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awwwwww the bumblegum bbag is soooo cute!
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holy shat good deal!!!
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The balenciaga is TDF! And the price! O.O Amazing deal!
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i want the pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love it! (both actually, but esp the pink!)
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Great deal!!

them both..
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great buys gym! loveee both of them!
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love them all and especially the pink b bag..
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i love both your new bags!
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Omg, love the Balenciaga!
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beautiful bags
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