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authentic purses?!?!

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wow. i just came across ebay and clicked on this designer bag icon. this caught my attention. this seller has tons of cute bags for sale. im just wondering if all her bags are real or are they like samples?

eBay Store - Meechee's Boutique: Spy, Detective, Ramona

you can just click on one of the bag pictures and takes you to the auction. thanks. im just wondering if these bags are authentic or not.
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I don't see any that are designer (i.e., Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, etc) there is a section called "Louis Vuitton inspired" so I don't know how to answer the question of whether they are authentic or not... because they don't have any brands associated with them. (Except Melie Bianco)
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They are "designer inspired" bags. Meaning they are like designer bags, but not the real thing.

Not as bad as trying to sell a knock off as a real bag, but kind of the same idea.
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