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Wear what you want. If you ask, you will get answer. :-)


Btw. I wear 19cm with converse, don't have any problem even most people hate chucks here. Would be sweet, if I will find some nice pair of CPs (preferably courts), but it's hard + strong dollar.


Did you tried onitsukas before? I like how they are soft and comfy and go well with dh. Go for some dark blue / dark yellow or black / white combo. E.g. I like this:



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 i'll start to check onitsuka...

 so actually, i cant pay much money for casual shoes ( not boots )





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look for the Mexico 66 or Ultimate 81 Sand, imo the two nicest models

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so my sister now asking this brand.. (example )





she want this brand's men's bag.

 not Overnight bag but shoulder bag..



u know online shop selling this item ?

so helpful for me if u know..



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i wana buy zdenal's recommend pic blue & yellow combo



here are Evil's recommend.


ore this black & white

Mexico 66



Ultimate 81




i'll chck other items of onitsuka.


thx zdenal,Evil..


 i'll go for black & white mexico 66






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not a fan of the toe

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 so i wonder same point design.

 i'll buy mexco66  black & white,


 but for jawns

 i wonder white line is so standing out....

 but i'll buy.



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finally i bought



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Nay or Yey?




 looks like boring shoes...




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not (only) boring, they are gross.

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btw, onitsuka's shoes quality is so cheap...IMO


even thought mexico66...

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Well onitsuka's are really cheap so yea

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R.M. Williams

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but how much?

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they sell for about 300$

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I am an Aussie and love R.M. Williams 

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Okay, need help deciding on a leather jacket. Right now it is between the black Acne Theo leather jacker http://shop.acnestudios.com/theo-42873.html?f=true

or All Saints Biker jacket http://www.allsaints.com/men/leathers/biker-jacket/black/mlg507-5


I am questioning the quality of the All Saints jacket, just from some thing's I have read on the internet. I like both styles, which would you choose?

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All Saints

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All Saints


but both look very short. I would wait to buy the All Saints stuff to get some discounts. they have online discounts from time to time


The quality of the jackets is ok from what I've got so far. Nothing for eternity, but good mid-weight washed leather. I own the Quiver, Absolute and the Supporo Bomber jacket.

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Thinking about getting Black Scissors Leather jacket...

IDK which one I should get.

Also if anyone has experience w/ the seller "blackscissors" on ebay, please let me know bout the quality/sizing/fit...etc

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