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good deal Saddock! DK you should have taken left one IMHO
btw. also copped backup pair of bnwt 8IW (longer inseam tho), for around 95$ shipped. However I don't have a clue how my pair looks like. I should get it today or on monday
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as i stated before, i can't stand the crooked whiskers of the left pair. i'm super anal about that kind of stuff.
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the coolest thing is that you are both happy with pairs you bought it proofs that there are no better/ worse pairs, there is just a "personal taste" factor
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look, i'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say, but clearly i bought the better looking pair. ok?
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Originally Posted by Diao View Post
Is it super awful idea to rid off ass creatures on thanaz by the same way?

So, I did it.



Its a 72c, so there is a rusty silhouette. Maybe on more clear washes there wont be anything

What ya think?

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on 72C at least, the rusty silhouette actually looks kinds cool. I've seen this done with 71J though and it looked horrible..
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not a fan of button downs...
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i wouldn't wear it, but me likes.
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Looks good DK. Buy it, I think it will suit you. Sorry when I saw it yesterday I thought you already bought it lol
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Thoughts? couldn't wear anytime soon, but great price:

Diesel Lade Jacket:

On the other hand, I could get a pair of Dior Griffith Park for about the same investment and could wear all the time (well, as much as my stacked jean rotation would allow):
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The cut on that jacket is nice, but I am not feeling the color. What is it olive, bronze?

I would either cop the Dior's (no surprise there ) or look into a different jacket.
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Lade is like Laderry, same cut, and I love my black laderry.

Only thing with this one is color...not very versatile. I could have coped one during last season sale (LaderryMO, grey I think) at -50% but I passed.

I'm personnaly not a fan of griffith park...depends on the price u can get them.
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remember grey is a very hard color to capture in pics, as it will vary if color temperature is off
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the jacket is olive- 50% right now, and I think I could get the Griffiths for bout the same price: ~$275-300. Dunno, maybe I should be looking at a different pair of Diors instead though. might just pass on both for now
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I don't like transparent and thick sole.

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nay nay nay

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 i think bad poits are

 -looks widely

 -black & white combo

 -too is not kinda



 i try to wait for FW10's CP coming to Japan.

 have u any CP's info of FW10 ?


 still now i can't use search function well.






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Nay, your too old for the New Era look, far too old and even on young guys it looks funny. Why am I answering...?

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Originally Posted by vonWitzleben View Post

 Why am I answering...?



 so, i'm aged then i need good foot wear for not tiered... NB is good for walking but not for good for me as u said.

 u have some recommendation for walking for a long time w/t Dior.

 actually boots is little bit tiered for long time walking.



 so helpful  for me. even though CP, its soul is hard then not good for long time walking IMO.





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