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^tru dat
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it's 19cm, I didn't find 17,5 but actually I feel ready for sth a bit looser in legs than thanaz. According to your sizing review I'm sure I will fit to 29. If not, then I shouldn't have problems reselling them

btw. I'm trying to justify buying both 09 and 07 but it could be qa shock for my wallet

<edit> copped umc 07 as new/unwashed! will surely post pics when they arrive
thanks again for all your help
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vivsim @ISETAN/Shinjuku

Yay or Nay?
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^ nay, due to the back heel colour variation.
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Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 View Post

vivsim @ISETAN/Shinjuku

Yay or Nay?
whats with the band aid, eh?
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Visvim (F.I.L TOKYO : Free International Laboratory)

i linked to org posted "Visvim"
but here is www address for not jp but ww.
 plz click bellow
 Visvim Shoes
 this item is not upload this site..
so, i try to wear deck shoes like as combers.
i fount this pair on same building w/t DIESEL and Dior (ISETAN@shinjuku)
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buy them, they are sexy
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so, this pair are so famous in ASIA(almost China/HK)
 this pair's price is so high 29,400yen=$250
 but some chines(HK) buy this brand's shoes when visiting japan.
 while i take pic, so many chines bought so many... Good for Japan.
so, in my case
 i pay for PS's york boots instead of this pair @ this price.
 if i can buy this pair @$50 , then i'll buy.
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good for the Chines, they can have them. Don't buy something just because everyone else is; same goes for here- don't go get york boots for instance just cause everyone is posting pics of theirs- get what you want, what looks good on you and compliments your wardrobe(or what your wardrobe to be)
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which 8iw should i get?

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You should get the right one and leave me the left one.
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are you trying to trick me into leaving you with the right one?
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No. I actually like the left one better. I thought he only had one 28x34 listed?
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left, better contrast, more detail and deeper indigo.

And same thing as sfam, what the hell? he has 2 pairs in 28??

I bought the 29...
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I was wondering who bought the 29s... I was gonna buy them myself, since darkknight supposedly bought the last 28s, so I bought the 27s haha. I should email him back...
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nvm, went with the right one. not feelin the contrast or the crooked lap fades, lines on the left one.

and those are bad iphone pics, both of them will be much deeper in person.
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so, who ended up getting the other 28?
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how many jeans do you cop in a month? seems like youre copping every nice pair you see lol
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haha. nah, i don't have a big collection or anything, these are just a few that's been on my list for a while. i already have 8iw, but not in the size i want so that's why i bought this pair.
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A few, lol!

Haven't you bought like 5 or 6 pairs in the last several months? :P
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lol. but i sold a few too so...
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WERD!! lol.
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OK, after learning that he had 2 pairs of 28...i emailed the guy and ask if i could switch for the 28 instead of 29...no prob he said, and I wanted the pair on the left, so that's cool because DK took the right one ^^.
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and he still has them listed for sale. wtf?
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