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what's about the swears? they're not that expensive, dunno about the quality.
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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
what's about the swears? they're not that expensive, dunno about the quality.
Originally Posted by vonWitzleben View Post
No, to the Swears.
Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
haha, didn't even notice the branding. yea, I hear swear's suck too.
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what's so sucky? any details?
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They are a low tier brand that uses cheaper materials and are poorly constructed.
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yup, quality of construction and material isn't so great from what i hear. i've never worn swear shoes, but i've briefly owned a pair of schmoove's which are very similar in style and quality. the leather didn't feel impressive, deff not for the price range. if they're cheap and you like them, go for it. otherwise, i'd pass. have you looked into the raf simons and neil barrett sneaks on yoox? i think those are pretty decent.
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If you dont mind something louder, have a look into Balenciaga. They have decent pairs out from time to time and the construction and materials are good.
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nothing in my size from these brands on yoox

those swears are around 140 $

the blacks with the cap toe are about 110 $ - Danielle Alessandrini

and the grey low tops are from a brand I've never heard before PF Flyers ... sounds like a cheap brand ... about 90 $

I've found some premiatas, but I think they're not that simple and plain:

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i actually like those premiatas. PF Flyers is primarily known for making better quality chuck taylor styled shoes.
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sorry, I posted the above post before your last post, but the system screwed it up on my end.

i liked the premieta's from the first pic you posted, from the front view, but now they don't look so good from the sides.
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that's what I was thinking. more plain and subtle they would be a great buy.
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don't feel those premiata as well
and swears are definetely not worth 140 USD IMO
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^haha, i sold those to him shortly after i copped from pseudonym. they're nowhere near as cool as they look in pics. and quality of leather and construction sucks too. the soles are glued on, and they're not made in italy like the better dior sneaks. I also hated the cheap lining. deff not worth anywhere near what they retail for. probably not even worth a $100.
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this is something dk (maybe tricky) would like I guess...
I personally wouldn't spend that much on this pair
and seeing your fit pics, I'm not sure they could suit your wardrobe enough... am I wrong?

edit (after reading dk post: ok, but I was not totally wrong on dk liking them... lol)
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^read my above comment.
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Evil --> yeah, I just thought they looked good, this is the 3rd he relist them lowering the price each time.
Anyway, i'm not into black sneaks and as you said, they could not suit most of my wardrobe...

thx dk for the feedback ^^
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Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
^read my above comment.

reread my edited comment :P
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swears do not suck at all!

for the ebay.uk price range (so not rrp) they are the best sneaks in style/quality/price contest.
Again - I usually pay around 30 pounds shipped.

Quality is really good I still have some old deans I wore a lot in all weather conditions including snow/rain/freezing cold and they keep they shape very well. Also leather is MUCH better than on any puma/nike/adidas/diesel/energie sneaks I ever owned ( I play a lot of sports )

I can't compare them to cp/dior,etc but it's different league and price range
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Guys, need your opinion. Which pair you think is better: umc 07 or umc 09 as first pair of diors. I really want to get one of them but haven't seen IRL any of them. I would appreciate any feedback regardnig denim feel, details, fit and the most of all - your personal feelings about them. I particularly count on people who actually own one or both of them or seen them IRL. I've already made some web research but wanted to know what you think about it.
btw. price would be the same for both pairs, also condition (maybe 07 a bit longer used).
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go for 07 if you can, no doubt

I own 09, and tried on 07 once
and I like 07 denim way better (they're 100% cotton, whereas 09 are 2% elasthane)
denim is more rigid, while 09 is very comfy and soft (maybe even A TAD too much for my likings)
as you probably have read around, 07 are much lighter than 09

details are different
on 07 version, splatters on the lower leg are more like bleached spots, while on 09 they are paint splatters
07 has a distressing on the front and on the back of the right knee

btw, keep in mind that 07 vary a lot from pair to pair

p.s. where did you find 07? if I remember well, we're the same size...

overall, I find 07 more "precious" than 09
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i like 07 more as well. but i've seen people who've traded their 07 pair for 09. and there's people, like me, who prefer better looking pair of 08 over 09.
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^that's proly because you haven't seen'em IRL...
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thanks a lot!

I'm negotiating deal on 07, actually I can choose from unwashed and washed. Didn't decide yet, cause I'd have to pay more for unwashed one ($50). I'm now more like 29 than 30 (as you are) so probably you won't be interested. Anyway you also said you don't want to pay around retail for diors and I didn;t find any amazing deal. However I recently sold a lot of jeans I haven't worn for a long time so can justify spending bigger amount on right pair, expecially that it keeps value.
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i'd say for the long run, it's worth it to pay $50 more for unwashed. and I wouldn't ever expect to get a good deal on anything from 07 or before. are you looking at 19cm or 17.5 cm?

and one more thing, 07 umc runs much tighter than the others. there's a guy in the mall here, rageatm007, who is a 27 in thanaz, but he is selling his 27 19cm umc because it's too tight. he's sizing up to 28. i don't know if it's because he gained weight though. you might want to send him a pm before you buy a 29 because you may actually need a 30.

sushi, you're probably right about not seeing them in person. but because I already have jake, i want the umc only for the variety of having a lighter pair. 09 is almost as dark from what i've seen. but 08 is on the lighter side and closer to the 07.
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