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Yeah idk that RG hoodie has never appealed that much to me, and I wouldn't spend that much for that hoodie (although I have spent close on my two w+h hoodies lol), but it's one of the cheapest going prices I've seen for that particular hoodie. RG stuff is pretty pricey
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I just like the pointed sleeves.

I saw the W+H hoodies but didn't see anything unique about them other than the zippers.
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They're definitely not very unique. They are just suuuuuper warm (esp. tiger fleece, but I don't like the black or grey or blue ones that seem to be the only ones available these days) and comfortable and have a very nice, slim cut and quality construction.

I like the fact that they're very basic hoodies but have all the criteria above.
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Thoughts on color for this jacket?? I'm finally in a position to pick one up.. only the darker one is the same style as the other below

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I like the darker color. as for the jacket itself, not so much.
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Especially considering the price...
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I personally think this civil war jacket style is fucking awesome, and I've wanted it since I first saw it a couple years back; to each his own though, I guess. Oh, & I would never pay the ungodly amount people are currently asking for it; I found a seller disenchanted w/ebay who's willing to sell his for like 75% less than the eye-gougers currently listing theirs.. still barely makes it affordable, but I know I'll never get that good a deal on this again.

I had picked this one up awhile back, but it just never fullfilled my desire for the leather version:

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That civil war jacket is cool, but the belt like thing on the back of it is not my personal style. Just if you could get rid of that part.
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Yes or no for dress shoes? I have a nice pair of dress paints, a nice tie I like and shirts, but not a good pair of dress shoes and I don't mind Hugo Boss brand and this pair of shoes new goes for $425.00 and I can buy it for $119.00 or bid on it and hope for cheaper. What do you think? I like the shape and the buckle on front. What do you think?

here is a link to a website where I will not be buying it from, but a website for better pictures.

Hugo Boss shoes and Hugo Boss sneakers - Hugo Boss Cimo black men's shoes
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Nice mocs, i prefer lace ups for dressing up but moccasins are alright if worn properly.
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Nice leather on that purse, too bad it looks like a PURSE!!!
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Yep! like it also...i think it depends how you carry it...but i admit it's kind of borderline.
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^not a great fan
I personally find pink hard to wear lol

cut seems ok though
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lol, the color is actually listed as faded red. But yes, I agree pink is hard to pull off. I was going to cop, but it sold out during the time it took me to realize that I probably wouldn't wear it much.
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drooling over this R&B piece. It's a small, but based on the measurements I think it'll fit perrrrrrfectly. Anyone know how they fit?

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don't know about size, but worn pic looks good.

I don't know about buying anymore jackets right now though with the weather getting so warm, unless you're getting a killer deal. I copped like 4 pieces of outerwear that I won't get to wear until next winter.
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yes, but the weather in NY is still cool enough to justify something light weight like this. Plus the wax coating is perfect for cool spring showers.

btw DK, where do you live?
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@cez, live in northern virginia.
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Thats wild. I used to live in Alexandria about 5 minutes out of Old town.
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What do you guys think of these:

Puma by Rudolf Dassler Strassenmeister Mid

Swear Gene 18

Paul Smith Tahoe Off White Dip Dye Trainer

I kinda like them all
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I don't like any of them instead lol
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first and second pair look ok to me. nothing special though.
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