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Its a yes, sir.
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Stag81 definitely go with the CCP “Tornado Zip” boots; they are awesome. These should be worn with the pants tucked in only but, preferably not with jeans.
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^thanks for your advice. i know that the tornados are unbeatable at the moment, but actually i wanted to hear opinions about the last pair i posted (w/o any comparisons)
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stag81, i would go with the ccp's, but make sure you try them on first, as they are very uncomfortable boots...the leather is very stiff

i was going to buy a pair fopr a cheap price , but was lucky enough to try them on first....they would have destroyed my feet
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^allright, today i finally tried on the ccp tornado boots. i decided definitely not to get them, allthough they had my size. here are the reasons:
- the heel is much too high for my taste, so they look a bit like "witch-shoes" from side view
- the overall appearance is much too bulky for me
- the leather-texture is very different on every pair (on one hand this shows that every pair is a real prototype, but on the other it is like getting almost a totally different model; my size did not look as good as on internet)
- same thing about the wrinkles
- and finally you definitely need a strong and adequate wardrobe (preferable ccp, damir doma, rick owens, boris saberi, and so on), otherwise the boot will be worn only occasionally

so what about the last pair of n.d.c boots i posted? maybe a tad too long? too plain? a tornado-zipper would be great for sure
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smash or trash?

tretorn wool coat for only $78. site claims original retail is $328. I like the hood.

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I would cop.
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done. hope it fits slim as I'm tired of bulky outerwear.
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Thats exactly what I was thinking, but I was sure you already considered that. If not you can always have it taken in.
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Yeah, I say it's worth the money my friend, but just like any jacket like that, get it tailored yo fit you more form fitting.
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Doesnt look very slim from the pic.
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Yea but you know how sizing on models are.
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tempted to cop
and it's not expensive

too much stuff to cop...
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The color and details are nice, but I am not a big fan of cropped pea coats.
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It's not bad, nice and simple and could go with dressed up and down, but in my opinion you can find something better. You have good enough style where you can.
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I agree.. there are a lot of nicer peacoats out there..
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what say ye bold HF'ers?

I'll most likely take out the contrast drawstring and replace it with a maroon or black one.
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^looks nice and simple. I like it.

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^robert geller?
I like
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^yup and copped. been wanting one for awhile just wasn't sure if that color would suit my wardrobe.
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^ What size and how much?
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44 for $150
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Good deal for that hoodie. I haven't seen it sold in a while but I last remember seeing them sell around $200 or $220 maybe
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Hoody for $150?? no matter what designer its fucking expensive, unless you're a brand whore and make shitloads.
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I'm a brand whore and make shitloads.
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