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blackbird stocks 44, but they sell out in the first day almost every time. i actually tried that same shirt. nice but if fit me like it fits that model and i didn't dig it. that was the only thing they actually had in a 44 at the time and they got that size in almost every piece when they made their buy.

i'm actually here with jen, staying at the thompson in soho. i'm really busy with work tomorrow and friday but i have made allowances for shopping stops between meetings quite often. friday i'm heading over to greenpoint to stay with a friend for the weekend though, so saturday and sunday will be non-stop workouts for my bank account.
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damn man u gonna cop mad shiet @ atelier right? baller. idk if you were planning on going to Odin, but I was just there yesterday and they dont have shit. the guys told me the 2nd shipment of RG should be coming in few weeks though... now they dont even have stuff Blackbird has. its just that gay Danzig shirt.

im REALLLY tempted to cop the RG shirt because i really like how it fits the model, and if fit you similarly, im sure it will be the same for me as well. but i dont know if im willing to drop $147 on that though. being a kid and all :/
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u might run into AntMoney @ Atelier tmrw actually rofl
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or ACO waiting to jump you when you leave
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Or your fan club waiting for autographs.
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Can you kop me a pair of augusta boots in the smallest size James? Aco? Thzzzzz.
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be a cheapass:

or not:
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Yay to the 1st ones
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NEVER be a cheap ass. and those 1st ones are terrible anyway. get the cp.
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Half the shoe will be covered by your pants and the first ones don't look terrible. If the price difference is huge and you are not looking for some excessively shiny sneakers then I'd be a cheapass.
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James when I make as much as you, I'll cease to be a cheapass
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i don't know how much court shoe mids are going to be, but the tretorns are $90
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the cps are $320ish i believe
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$90 is way too much for those ugly Tretorns
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^Hey I wore mine today! But then again I got them for $50 and they were the T-56

Someone find me some black perforated or patent Achilles CP lows
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which one?
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Second best
First second
Third third

Didn't you just get a pair of Buttero similar?
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yes its similar but different color; I was mainly debating between the 1st and the second
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I agree with Spence. Those Buttero were sick too! I want a pair like what you're looking for but in black or gray.
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Who makes those 'second', which are the best, boots?
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i like the 1st ones best. fuck suede.
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i need a black belt...
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^FUCK NO!!!!!!!
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