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Weekly Goals for good health.....

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I was thinking about the weight loss sticky and realized that I or others could post some goals that can be worked towards, whether it is for good health, exercising or losing weight.

Its all personal choice but I think it would be cool to post goals that we have each week. I write mine down and post it on a whiteboard on my fridge where I can look at it.

This week my goals were:

Eat fish 2x/week: I have already ate fish more than 2x this week. I have ate salmon twice this week and tuna four times. I would like to try different varieties of fish.

Drink plenty of water: I bring my nalgene bottle with me everywhere. My bottle is 1L and I usually fill it about 4x on average in a day=4 litres of water/day

Include plenty of fruits and veggies in my diet: I have put a fruit bowl on my counter so I have access when I need a quick snack. I have been eating more fruit than veggies but at supper time and snacks, I have been eating veggies like raw carrot sticks, spinach, cucumber and broccoli.

Be the best damn Courtney I can be!!!: My theory is to do my best and not put myself down. I have had some chocolate this week but I only had a couple of pieces (2 terry chocolate wedges). Also when I was exercising, I listened to my body and quit if I felt fatigued or starting to hurt myself.

Next weeks goals for myself:

Carry a bag lunch or snack with me everywhere I go outside of the house
Start using Cutups weightlifting advice but I am only going to start lifting weights 2-3x/week to start out with.
Go to the gym in the morning before class so I do not make excuses later in the day to skip exercising.

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Ah Court good idea.

I need to:

Keep up the water intake! I was doing really well drinking at least 4 large glasses of water, but I kinda forgot about that lately and have been drinking A LOT of diet pop.

Keep up the fruit intake. I've eaten more fruit this past week than I have in awhile. I would like to keep that up and to do so I'm going to the farmers market tomorrow.

No more fast food/muffins. I start school on monday and I have a hard time not eating there. My favorites are cookies, pizza, and muffins. I want to buy snacks that I can take to school and enjoy instead of raiding my change to buy this garbage.

Those are my goals for this week (sat to sat). I really find that I need to start small and nail down the basics before I start stressing about everything wrong I do! I would also like to post at least 1 happy thing per week on the weight loss sticky.
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Next week at work I need to stop going into the snack room and loading up on mini candy bars. Also, make it to the gym 3-4 times.
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I am going to start doing pushups tonight..... I have NO upper body strength so this is going to hurt me badly. I'm going to see how many I can do (they will be the girly ones, I can't do normal pushups!).
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I may have to join you on that, I have no upper body strength at all its so ridiculous! But if we start with the girly ones, will we achieve the real "man" ones eventually! woo
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My goal this week:
On my non-gym days, get in some kind of physical activity, whether it is just walking to the college.
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My goal for this week is to NOT get discouraged....
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^ good call. I need to do that too.
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this is an awesome post guys i like the motivation...the big thing to remember is not to push way too hard doing a hundred push ups for the first time in 6 months will leave you sore for days and will not allow you to work out properly for about a week. I do some personal training and i always start clients off with 80% cardio and 20% light weights. The legs will recover quicker from running, bikes, etc... than the less used upper body muscles that are used in pushups (triceps, pecs, etc..) once your body gets conditioned to hard aerobic exercise (usually takes about a month) then it become alot easier to get into upper body toning and serious weight loss or whatever your goal may be...good luck girls!
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What do you bring to work for lunch? I know that is where I "fail" the most. Lately I have been bringing cambells soups that you can put in the microwave..any other ideas?
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These are many lunches that I make, even though I mostly eat at home since I live in residence at school:

Bean and cheese burritos w/ tobasco on a whole wheat wrap. Usually I nuke the beans in a seperate container and put on the wrap. Nuke the beans, cheese and wrap till cheese melts.
Can of flavored tuna and raw veggies like carrots, red peppers
All natural PB and jam sandwich on brown
PB on apples
cottage cheese and fruit
Precooked brown rice, shelled edamame, cashews mixed and warmed up w/ soy sauce
Peanut butter and banana wrap
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I did not end up walking on one day of my non-gym day because the temperature outside got to -40C last week.

This week:

Get plenty of rest and fluids because I caught a cold
Still eat healthy (plenty of fruits and veggies) to help my immune system and to not give myself an excuse to eat garbage just because I am sick.
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What a great idea for a thread! I have recently started seeing a Naturpoath to assist with weight loss and we work on my goals each week together-

#1. Eat min 3 cups of veggies each day
#2. Drink 2L water each day
#3. Have Protein with every meal-to stop excessive snacking
#4. No more milk-I'm allergic
#5. Think Positive and keep smiling (this is the hard one lol)
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^Welcome to HF and the weekly goal thread. Those are some awesome goals you have posted
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^ Thankyou-i think they will keep me busy. I just keep looking at all the great jeans the girls on this forum have and it keeps me focused
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Originally Posted by Hotpinkheels View Post
I have recently started seeing a Naturpoath to assist with weight loss and we work on my goals each week together-

#5. Think Positive and keep smiling (this is the hard one lol)
These are really great. You have no idea how much thinking positive can help you.
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