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ID sweater please!

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Somebody said it's from H&M but I haven't seen it. Can somebody please find this for me.
- Thanks in advance
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Ooo that is adorable.....i was just at H&M last week and didnt see that there. Hope somebody knows who makes it!
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yep, thats h&m!
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^ yea i saw that in H&M the other week and was soooooooooo tempted to buy it :-\ and now i'm regreting it the more i think about it
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I went to H&M in Calgary today and they didn't have it
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actually i kinda do remember seeing checkered hoodies, but dont remember them having that kind of neck. im definitely going back and seeing if these are there
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No pic showing up...

I have a feeling a similar checkered hoodie would be available at Aritzia
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my friend has that! it's from H&M and she got it like 2 months ago so it might be sold out...
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they have similar styles out currently (zip-up with exaggerated neck) but not the checkered one. there were solids and some prints but none were as cute as the checkered
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