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Good Raw/Dry Denim Finds

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Post all the deals you find here...whether its ebay, online stores, or store sales
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Denim Birds Sam in Dry Navy Embo - $46.25 - MOST SIZES LEFT!

Runs 1-2 sizes small IMO

ETA: Denimbar has lots of nudie, rag & bone, julian reds, and more raws on sale for men and women.

April 77 1955 ( have these and love them!) Pictured as mens but really unisexApril 77 Joey Overdrive in 1955 Dry - The Denim Bar
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sweet! thanks!
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Denim Bar (denimbaronline) is usually willing to give a discount to online forums. Styleforum and Superfuture had unique coupons for 20% off.
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Aqui Boutique
Nudie Super Slim Kims for $110.00
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any new yorkers? hit up Uniqlo they got the s-000 and s-002 selvage for $80... good starter pair... cheaper than nudies/apc

downsize by 1 if u can, they stretch a little bit...
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There is some Khozo raw on ebay for $99. Ridiculous considering it is a brand comsidered to be in the same conversation with 45rpm. Retail for around $500
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WESC Eve in Raw, sizes 25 and 26 only! Note the low 6.5" rise $94

WESC Eve 5-Pocket Jean in Raw at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!
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Using the 30% Shop Epic match (as posted in sales and coupons), you can pick up a pair of Kicking Mules for $192.50 at Revolve.
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eBay Seller: jp-denim: Men's Clothing, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com

This guy has plenty of nice japanese raws, including some hard-to-find Oni, sugarcane 1947 (for $150!), and a few others.

Although her auctions now are kind of weak, keep an eye on:

eBay Seller: pedelson2: Men's Clothing, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com

Will be listing sugarcanes and some PRPS raw jeans over the next couple of weeks.

The cultizm ebay store is always good for LVC and occasionally nudies:

eBay Seller: ez-24-7: Men's Clothing, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com

And then there's my ever-useful searches:

selv ,salv jean, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing items on eBay.com
items on eBay.com
raw,dry,unwashed,rigid jean ,denim, Jeans, Shirts items on eBay.com

Blue in Green is always a good place and they have a rare bit of sale action going on right now.
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^ the first ebay seller u listed is from "Vari"
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Actually it's zipangu-treasures
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Zipangu and Vari are partners
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Flat Head F310 in 34x36, soaked and worn for a month:

there is a chance to get these for CHEAP

these run small too,

EDIT: i have these and wear a 32-33 in zathan, they fit perfectly

Flat Head denim japanese selvedge samurai - eBay (item 190212750606 end time Apr-13-08 09:13:43 PDT)
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Revolve is matching Shopepics 25% off code "supreme". The total must be greater than $100. It works for Good Society and Sling & Stones. Nudies are excluded, I believe.

If in doubt, you can always try JT to see if the brand is discounted.
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I'm selling a pair of KMW 1950 denim in the HF mall (size 30x34).

They sell in stores for $260, i'm selling mine for $160. Only tried on, never washed, perfect condition. Dry/Selvage denim, rope dyed with natural indigo, with zimbabe cotton, made in Japan.

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Revolve has marked down all of their nudies and s&s. You can use "summerloving" for an additional 30% off (s&s at least - that's what I got).

S&s come out to ~108 shipped
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Context is having a 50% off sale - but it ends today, very soon I believe. I am not sure of everything that is on sale, but you can get a pair of Imperials for $132.50

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Refinery29 Shops :: New :: Skinny Girl Denim Jean

Naked & Famous - skinny girl in indigo stretch - $96.00
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I should have expected to find your auction here...
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naken and famous actually seems to be decent stuff. japanese selvege denim. i've seen it at barneys, almost got a pair too.
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I remember their launch, still haven't heard good or bad things about them. Too simple for my taste, i like nice rivets and detailing.
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