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^ I know. I was just mentioning separately that I've only worn them for two days and also it seems (by feel) that they won't progress as sharply.

I couldn't get a good pic in them. :/
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Nudie slim jim dry black.
9 months, 1 hot wash.
The hardest dry pair I ever had to break. They apparently are overdyed, meaning they take very long to show any wear.

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^^^Looks great! Good job.
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those black slim jims look badass already!

my RRDS will be another 6 months before they start to shine. i wear mine almost every day for about a month and a half and really theres no kind of wear except for a small area on the knee that looks dark blue instead of black like the rest of the jeans.

breaking in raw dry selvage jeans is a full time job. i sold a lot of my diesels and other brands and i am downsizing to 3 max dry pair, 6 max prewashed.
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I've been looking for a pair of nudies and i stumbled upon these. They are Regular Ralfs but i dont know what wash they are. RR?? Here are some pics.
The seller on eBay says they are NUDIE REGULAR RALF JEANS IN USED WASH WITH STRAIGHT BOOTCUT FINISH. What does he mean by used wash?

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RR = Regular Ralf.

Used wash = ...used wash.
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Ok so how would you compare these to RRDS's. Is there a difference in material or how effectively they will make creases and honeycombes.
Sorry im a nub when it comes to raw denim.
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used wash = not raw denim. they've been washed and therefore no longer raw. RRDS stands for regular ralf dry selvage. "Selvage is the term commonly used to refer to denim that has been produced on a shuttle loom. Since the amount of fabric produced from a shuttle loom is significantly narrower than a projectile (wide) loom, the cotton consumption is higher and the time required is greater. In selvage jeans, you will see the actual edge of the fabric where the weaving stops and is finished by the loom, as opposed to denim woven on a projectile loom, where the fabric has been cut off at the ends. "

raw (dry) denim is "essentially virgin denim that has never been washed or treated. Usually really dark blue and stiff when you first put them on but after constant wear they will start to assimilate the shape of your "fit"/body and be worn in the right places."
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Thank you, thats what i needed.
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This should be a sticky!!!
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here is good pic of how different raw denim can variate in color and texture.
from left to right and from oldest to newest with the RRDG at about 6 months. nudie RRDG,levis skinner rigid, pure blue japan 004,crate james, nudie bootcut ola.the skinners, and RRDG have got the most wear so far.

front of RRDG and skinners

i need more lap creasing!
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Does anyone own a pair of Average Joe Dry/Heavy Nudies? if so can u post some pics.

edit: nvm, i payed a visit to mynudies.com Lots of pics there for the noobs!
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thorough: So when are you going to wear in all that denim! I predict you will finish 2017 3rd Quarter.
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I don't think that Levi Skinner is really raw. I had a pair but returned it.

I gotta take pics of my RRVI and RRDS soon but I haven't worn them much lately because I'm no longer allowed to wear denim to work...argh
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^ it's hard to tell from the pic, but skinner DOES come in raw and since thorough has plenty of other raws i'm sure he can tell the difference...
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levis skinner rigid(raw)~LEVIS PREMIUM JEANS SKINNER JEAN RIGID SIZE W28 x L32 - (eBay item 180084516065 end time Nov-07-07 11:34:29 PST)
these are the old ones(levis premium)

the new ones are on urban although they say they are a wash they are raw UrbanOutfitters.com > Levi's Capital E Skinner Rigid

yeah i dont really wear all these in rotation so 3 or so will gradually fade in a year or so. than i can work on the other ones. i cant stand not rotating at least a couple pairs.
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Originally Posted by Bebop View Post
What does he mean by used wash?
used wash means that they're NOT dry..and that they have a wash to them. (much like what the other denim companies do.. they have their jeans in particular washes)

they weren't used by the person, he bought them that way with a pre done wash.
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progress on my denimbirds. I've had them for 2 years but only worn them for a collective 3 months...still got a few more months to go.

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Originally Posted by Tsukasa View Post
thorough: So when are you going to wear in all that denim! I predict you will finish 2017 3rd Quarter.
LOL. Maybe he will listen to you more than me....
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Post Your Dry/Raw Denim Progress Here (Merged)

Let's see your progress!!
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Sadly I don't have any dry denim yet... though i'm determined to get a good pair of raw tsubis and a pair of nudies haha

I'm so glad to see this section here ^_^
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Not progress either:

I just received a pair of Corpus Fine-Spk in Raw because Revolve was having a really good sale on them. Unfortunately they don't run TTS as I thought...

I got a 31W and they are beautiful but I will have to return them. I would need a 29W but they're all sold out now

I will probably be getting a pair of APC jskidder recommended.
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I have a pair of Nudie Flare Glenn (BCO Denim - ridiculously difficult to break in) that have over one year of wear (December 17, 2006). They have been used when installing suspension in a car, 6 oil changes, radiator replacement, turbo kit install, and have a ton of miles on them. I am pretty sure there is a lot of coolant, oil, gasoline, sweat, snow, rain, blood, and various food sauces on them (does calamansi accelerate the fading process?) I will be washing them in the next couple of months, any tips?
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all i can say is WOW i can't wait to see the results they're probably going to look AMAZING!
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6 solid months or so
2 washes, 1 soak

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