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It's hard to say. I began to notice it about four months. My jeans were super tight though and when I sagged really stressed in the crotch. I had them repaired about about 5 1/2 months. Right now, those jeans are at the dry cleaner. The girl I'm dating couldn't really stand the smell of them anymore.
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The things we do for "like".
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Just a bit over 2 months of straight wear (minus 3 days).
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Studio Dartisan 105

Worn for about 8 months, not sure if I should wash them yet or wait till I bring them back out in the fall. These are great jeans, 105s are a bootcut, but they are more like if Viker and Zatiny had a bastard child. Took long as fuck to get any wear out of them, and those two dots on the jeans is where I accidently spilled 2 drops of super glue on them
Next will come a pair of Flatheads since I heard they wear super quick.
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Don't feel bad about the glue, I spilt silver epoxy on the inner thigh of my black diors (it looks like jizz)
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Lol, I just look at it like I added a bit more character to them!
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I want to have something like that on it (preferably something that doesn't look like jizz, but I'm not going to purposely put shit on my jeans)
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So I decided to post some "progress" pics on my New Cures. They're coming up on 5 months of wear (probably an average of ~4 wears per week) and are starting to fade a little. Not too much as I don't do much other than go to/from class and sit around most of the time.

Click to enlarge:

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^ really nice so far. can't wait to see these a year from now.
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New here, don't have any dry jeans yet ( too poor) have some jeans tho with good little bit of wear on them tho, will take pictures.
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Welcome to the forum, but as you said yourself its called dry/raw denim progress.
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Well hopefully soon I will have the Warehouse 660's I am looking at getting. Then I will have something real to work on.
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Really liking the raw Apryls and raw Diors. Good effort!
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TFDC 29x34 on the left (2.5 months, no washes)
TFDS 30x34 on the right (around 7-8 months, 2 washes)
I've retired the TFDS because they're a too tight which is kind of weird seeing as the TFDC are a smaller size.

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I dig the TFDS, it's too bad they are too tight. I really like how subtle the fades are.
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Not mine, but probarbly the best raw progress i have seen so far:

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really nice, where is it from?
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An Asian (I think Thailand based) PC/Hardware/Modding Forum. They have a denim/fashion subsection. Stumbled across those pics as I was searching for pics of certain Dior washes.
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My first post on these forums, hope that's alright!

D&G Audacious FW 2009

Day 4

leave back pockets empty (except for pens and handkerchiefs)
no cellphone mark on front pocket
no rips/holes
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Dior mij 19cm
Around a year of wear. First wash around 6 months and 2 more washes since then.



Indoorshots with flash

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^^ Wow, they look great! I noticed no crotch wear! How did you manage this? lol, most dior's I have seen @ one year the crotch is thrashed. Great wear & very hot honeycombing

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