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i thought to brake APC you can do all kind of stuff so i picked up leg opening and pulled, using maybe 1/4 of my strength and threads ripped like paper.
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the denim will hold up, but you can't expect thread/stitching to be indestructable. why the hell were you pulling on it?
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thought i can make it bigger somehow, because i need to gain a little bit more space down below the knee. This part wont stretch just by simply wearing it, so im thinking of something else..and by the way this would never happen to any diesel pair, all depends on threads quality.
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Probably going to wash these on Monday , before pictures.

Its actually 10 months
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Others, cant be bothered to shoot them individually, raws are the black diors and the grey skulls

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35 wears on my sling & stones Rachels

Compared to new

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What's up with the heart fade?
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I put a wooden heart in my back pocket because i didnt want them just plain.
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Man I hate that heart... totally ruins it imo.
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^100% agree.
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Its to manly for me without it, not my style, i prefer to personalise my stuff.
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are you kidding? the fit pics ive seen of you and that pair of slings doesnt look manly at all.. they look great..

i dunno lorna.. personalization and all, that heart really kills it.

anyways.. just p.o.
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I think its just a matter of taste, quite a lot of people have commented they like it and its a good touch and a couple dont, its just personal opinions I really like it so thats what counts for me, im not bothered by others opinions thats entirely up to them If everyone had the same taste it wouldnt work in life anyway lol.
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I like it!
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ima carve a wood piece that says SMASH on it and put it in my pocket.
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it's like people who put a condom in their back pocket...
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^or brass knuckles
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^those are just retarded
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
^or brass knuckles
Wouldn't they move around n shit? I never got that... I'm just slow I guess.
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washhed dem bitches

So, here is where we are at:

1 wash, hot water @ 10 month
1 dry clean @ 8 month
shizz load of rain
shizz load of road salt
atleast 10 soaks
a billion dryer runs
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All these jeans look so earthy and pretty, everyone is doing a stellar job. A good pair of sturdy worn in raws is like skin with years of small scars, beautiful and earned.
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Nice collection anthony, it seems like you have every color between black, blue and white lol

This is what I wear at the moment, just black and blue

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What haps to your diorz
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I wear them as underwear
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