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How To Look Good Naked

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Did you catch the first episode of How To Look Good Naked? I swear, I almost cried!! I could feel every emotion that girl was going through…. I can’t believe I have to wait a whole week to see the next one...Carson is probably the only man that could get me to take off my clothes on national television also. I know my husband couldn’t be as supportive and understanding as that man is! LOL

don't be OUT of the loop... watch Lifetime on Fridays for HTLGN!!!
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I missed this! I will totally DVR it this week. What is it about?
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oh, I'm so glad someone someone brought this up. I saved it when it played Tues night at midnight.

It was really good, and I could relate to almost everything she felt. I still have such a hard time 'believing it' I need to see more episodes!
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oooo I missed it too. I did manage to catch the european version earlier this week and the girl really looked good.
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oh you guys have it over there? who presents it there, is it still gok wan? i love this show so much.
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^ no, it's a guy from "queer eye for the staright guy" show. The blonde annoying one.
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OK i have a confession: I am so tired of hearing skinny people with great bodies whine about their figure. As someone who has always been "bigger" I tend to never voice my negativities about my body, but it REALLY bothers me when I have to hear another skinny friend bitch about how she now weighs 135 lbs when I would kill to weigh that.

Its probably wrong of me to think like that but Im really sick of hearing it. I watched the coming attractions (ive seen the show) and alot of tiny women were saying how they feel huge.
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