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William Rast weird sizing?

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I was trying on jeans today and the dept store I shop at just started carrying William Rast jeans. I'm normally a size 32, but they looked big so I picked up a 31 as well. When I tried them on, the 31 I couldn't even button, and the 32 was actually a little too big. I ended up buying the 32 because I can have them taken in a bit. Anyone else noticed this in these jeans, or could it be a bad batch? I kind of want to know so when I buy online, I don't buy the wrong size. Oh, and the ones I bought were the Stella bootcuts.
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Some of the WR washes stretch a lot, and others don't stretch at all (even though they are a "stretch" blend), so I think that makes a huge difference. It's always best if you can somehow at least try on the wash before you buy, or find someone who has it who can tell you how it fits. Does that make any sense, lol?
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I've noticed with WR that I have to size up with the non 98/2 combo but otherwise it runs bigger
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ive gotten 3 pair of wr all in size 27 (im pretty tts 2 and EVERY pair fit different. one pair was so tight i couldnt breathe, one pair was HUUUUUUGE (so big i couldnt even try and wear them) and one pair fit perfect!!! imo they are alllll over the place!!!
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I'm usually a 28 in most jeans and I've fit in WR in sizes 25, 26, 27, 28... And I've had a pair of 28s (the super skinny jeans) be way too small, I couldn't even fit my calves through. For the most part I feel like they run about a size large. I bought one pair in a 26... They fit more like a 27, it's nice to own a pair in 26 even if it's vanity sizing
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Ive tried on 4-5 pairs of william rast and they've all been 25s. I have noticed that some (sadie straight leg) was more stretchy then the stella boot that I ended up buying but otherwise they all ran the same.
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