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love these boots!

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any ideas the designer? i've seen them around.. they come in a range of colors

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i also like the burberry scarf. but isnt that that exploded ivory for MEN?
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hmm I have a pair that looks very much the same but from Nine west in brown.. But I have never seen that color for my ones.. I am sure those are probably over $500
Mine were in the range from $150-170
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Damn, I dislike her, but the hair looked a lot better short.

And they may be Micheal Kors? I think a lot of people/places are doing boots like that.
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yyea i dont like her either.. but i do like her chanel bag.. boots.. nd scarf haha.
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i thought maybe an older Miss Sixty style?
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damn, she is looking like a completely different person nowadays
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Oh could be Frye.
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