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Authentic Juicy???

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Hi, I bought my first Juicy on ebay and by some miracle got an authentic one for 70 with shipping. I felt lucky and thought I could get another one. I won this one but am nervous now. This tag is bright pink and should be green and this seller explains like this:

Oh that tag no it is very pink just like it is suppose to be. No problem it is a very nice juicy and between you and me you got it for my cost so I din't make any money on this deal. You got a really good deal. Thanks for shopping with me. donna

Juicy Couture Teal Femme De Velour 2 Piece Track SZ LG - eBay (item 120203223685 end time Jan-01-08 16:23:06 PST)
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im no juicy expert so you should wait for others but those dont look right imo.
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Looks fake. Juicy doesn't mess up on the color of the tags like that. Velour is too shiney. Not to mention "Femme de Juicy" is highly faked. Does it even have the YKK on the back of the zipper??
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I wouldn't call myself an expert either, but I am pretty confident in saying that the set is fake.

- Highly faked style
- Tag colour is wrong
- Juicy gold tags have the wrong sheen
- Sets are hard to come by
- Price is too cheap

Welcome to HF! Do not pay for the fake set!
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Ended, but fake imo
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Sorry so late, but very fake
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thanks guys, I didn't pay for the item. I am loving the safety net you all provide!
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what i always wonder is how someone has 100% positive feedback on over 1000 items and they get away with selling fakes.
How does that happen?
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People just have no idea that fakes even exist.
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