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Anyone use dry shampoo?

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My morning routine is getting a wee bit tedious what with the daily hair-washing. Anyone try using dry shampoo? Results/recommendations?
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well, supposedly Jessica Simpson's stylist uses PSSSST dry shampoo on her.

I bought some of this to use, it works okay for me for about half a day, but I can get a really oily scalp, so I still just wash every day. That women can go 2 days or even four sounds more like fantasy to me than reality.

My sister has also used PSSSST and she likes it, she has less oil build up than I do.

PSSSST also, kinda lifts your roots and gives a little extra body as well.

I think the B&B stuff works but is way expensive.
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I tried it (the B&B kind) but my hair is stick straight. It looked dull I think for curly hair it might work better, in a pinch I know some girls use baby powder on a brush.. LOL
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I def. don't wash my hair every day, stylists never recommend it as it robs your hair of its natural oils. I wash like ever 3-4 days. Dry shampoo helps on days where you don't want to wash but your hair won't do anything for you. Baby powder works if you are on a budget, but if you don't mind spending some money Oscar Blandi has a GREAT one that comes in a spray bottle (which is better than their powder one so don't get them confused).
hope that helps
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This one is supposed to be quite good. I have been thinking about getting it
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how come that one has butane as an ingredient? sorry but isnt that used for portable stoves?
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