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Authenticate LV please!

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100% Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Beverly w/ Receipt-NEW!! - (eBay item 120188671389 end time Jan-24-08 11:17:38 PST)

It looks good to me but I just want to be sure. Someone left feedback that seller does not sell authentic LV but to me it looks like that person was just trying to be an a**hole.

What do you think?
Thanks!!! :-d
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They've provided Mypoupette as a reference, and it makes sense to me that only a seller who was sure her product was authentic or a very stupid naive seller would do such a thing. The pics also look good to me.
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yeah, I saw that they listed mypoupette as a ref. I didn't see the seller on their list of recommended sellers, though...
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It looks good to me.

But I think this seller has a reputation for selling bags in bad condition.
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Yeah, for the price, I'm just tempted to buy it from LV instead. No worries, then!
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the bag doesn't look all that in good condition in the pictures. i'm not really sure i could authenticate by such small pictures.
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Yay! Ordered it new from the LV store in Minneapolis today!!!
I had been saving my macy's giftcards!!!
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