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I have tFS invites.

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I guess you get them automatically after you've been a member for a certain amount of time!

I know there were a bunch of people inquiring about them earlier.

Please PM me your e-mail address if you want one.
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pm'd you
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yee yee me too!
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i sent invites to everyone who pm'd me and included their e-mail

i need your e-mail to send
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what is tFs ?
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it's an online community dedicated to fashion

the Fashion Spot

great resource whether you want to work in the industry or just love fashion!
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pm'd u!
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I think I've sent them to everyone who pm'd me.

Please PM again if I've missed you!
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Oh, i've been looking for an invite for a longgg time...would love to be a member and participate on tFS...
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hey, i know that this is like year late...i dont know if you happen to have any invites left...if you do,could you sent one to me???? i am fashion student and find the forum extremely helpful...t'he history of style' subsection going there is an exhaustive bank of info and i find it really helpful for research work...however being a non-member i m not able to view most of the attached pictures...have been trying to get an invite for sooooo long...please help....

MY EMAIL ID IS :thehellsangel_88@yahoo.com
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only 2 years too late
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Check your email, I just sent you an invite.
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Hello! I know I'm a little late too, hehe... But I've been looking for invitation a little while... So if someone has one it would be great!




PS: you can send it to farena99@gmail.com

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^sent you one.





Shoot. didn't notice this is a old thread. oh well.

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Hi! I know this is an old thread, but if someone could please send me an invite to TFS would be wonderful...I'm a fashion blogger myself so it would be of great help! Thanks in advance! You can send it to luannabianchi@gmail.com ! xx 

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