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Ahh What Should I Do?!?!

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I bought a fake bag off eBay that was described as "100% authentic" and with no return policy. I politely asked for a refund because I did not want to open a dispute or take it to court. This was her reply:

Don't threaten me. According to the best of my knowledge the bag is real. When it was sold to me I was told that the bag is real and I also inspected it. If you want I can issue a partial refund ( $400 less the shipping fee and less 10% of $400 to cover up the ebay fees). You can mail back the bag to me and I will issue you a refund as soon as I get the bag.

Is there a safe way I can do this because I don't want to mail it back and have her not refund me. Thanks~

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Tell me you paid with a credit card?
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I paid with PayPal...
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I personally would not risk sending the item back because who knows if you ever would really get your $ back.
I would file a claim with paypal if it were me but youll need a letter of non authenticity for whatever it is.

And in the future, ALWAYS fund your purchases with a credit card so you have that extra protection.
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I agree. Buying with credit cards is always the best way.Only because they will usually already have something in place for things like this. I say take the bitch to court. Just kidding!
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haha thanks guys
guess i'm gonna have to file a claim hmph
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On Judge Judy a few days ago, they had an ebay dispute on the show. The lady sold a fake LV bag, the other lady brought in a real LV with the fake, and you know Judge Judy, she KNOWS her LV and gave the seller a good lashing at being a bad seller, and ordered her to pay the money back.

Solution = Judge Judy
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^good info to know. I never knew Judge Judy was an LV addict
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The 10% is BS. If you return the ag, she can file a non-complete transaction and get her Final Values fees back.

I would file a dispute and get a letter of authenticity to send in to Ebay and Paypal. Also send a copy of the buyer's reply to them too.

Good luck!
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