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you're all really hot.

including someone right above me who hasn't posted a picture yet.

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^^for you i just may. You must do it too!
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i have an unsightly Y chromosome ...
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lol so what, Cel posted
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you're telling me this is a dude?????

Originally Posted by cel View Post

ok now I go to Paris today to get some Matic I think..... hahaha yeh!
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Lol yes thats christophe! he did the girly pose on purpose!
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cel, the chameleon
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O_O. he has a nicer butt that I do ><
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haha, one of my fav jeans <3

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^nice Zee. Looks like you are gonna fall over tho...lol.
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yay Zee!!!
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hehehe i almost did! I was trying to get that angle!
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what brand are those? ive never seen heart pockets before
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^Frankie B??? (me thinks...)
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My Frankie B 'be mine' jeans in love.. have been for a year now
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yay zeeeee fb rules!
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pheeww yeh Zee!! I m glad you posted too

viviern: you have a really niiice butt!! yes you do!!!!

phhewww. if my HF-crush token was not about to be taken, I would definitely have some booty crushes in that thread

And to the other people, yes I am a dude lol I admit that getting that pose hurt my back a lot, and I took many pictures to get that booty view (all the other ones were far less girly haha).
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note to self ~ I really ought to troll RR section more frequently.
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Originally Posted by hipslikemonroe View Post
haha, one of my fav jeans <3

hahahaha, ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, the bearing of your arms looks like u'e a chicken

look at the pic and listen too this :

YouTube - Chicken Head

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^ LOL, i have posted the wrong link..

EDIT / look again...
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Looks like I caught this thread a little late.

I was going to say not to hit on my cousin like that and that she'd win anyway but... well... yeah.
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Originally Posted by lorna17 View Post
Lol heres mine
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OK, I caught this topic a bit late, but you girls all rock!!!
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hahah, what a funny thread. wow lorna, you're a big competition for the girls aren't you!
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Hey Girls! May I play with you as well?

Since we met with CEL for the DIESEL DAY CELEBRATION, he intitiated me with games which really have changed my appreciation of life!...
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