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this is...an awesome thread. haha
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WOW!! yeehh!!
first Lorna , then Jayme then gizmokat ...

phheww.. Is it a starter thread to keep us wainting for a new anniversary thread?
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ok ok here is what I ve promised you, gizmo. lol
That looks stupid . Ok now I can get get my prize, right?

Diesel Zathan 60F

ok now I go to Paris today to get some Matic I think..... hahaha yeh!
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LOL CEL!!! yours is perfect! you beat the ebay womans ass!
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Here's mine, I just love that my baby is looking at me like WTF are you doing MOM??

and my 10th attempt....

WHOOT WHOOT to all the girls who already posted and Cel of course
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hey hey hey, where's the R&R love people?
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^^I started with my mag jaggers, but they gap so much in my back waist....they didn't look right and all my other R&Rs are getting too big for me now.
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Guest - whoa hot momma!!! ;D

Cherrriiieeee REP THE R&R!!
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Yes I am waiting on Cherie's pic too!!!!
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i'll do it when i get home. i have crappy lighting in my house
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yesss puahahahhaha can't wait!
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TOF!!!! LOL you are so awesome oh, and how nice of you to pick me up some matics while you're in Paris.....26X32, remember now

gizmo - sell me your jeans!! i'm jealous of your lower back dimples
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Thanks ladies!

oh nnooooo Jayme!! You should have called me
There was soo many Matic! I didnt know which one to take for you... and moreover I thought you were 27x32.. Luckily I bought nothing otherwise you would have been disappointed to get baggy jeans

It s a bit too late now.. pffff.. you on the other hand you know my size (28x32) and ..... 27x32 for 61E!!!
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lol TOF buy me matics too if its a gift haha
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muahaha nice new avatar lorna

thanks Jayme!
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lol, Lorna! love the new avy
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lol its all squishy though since we have to have them sqaure lame lol.
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Tof, that's ok, I know you're going back, so now you know the proper size (and I've marked down yours as well )
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Originally Posted by jayme.michelle View Post
Tof, that's ok, I know you're going back, so now you know the proper size (and I've marked down yours as well )
don't tempt me!! because you know the one I want
but the thing is that if I get you one.. I ll have to get one for lorna as well otherwise she ll get jealous and she ll bully me again , and we would not want to see it, would we?

ok I've got an idea:
handle that issue with her

ok enough now, I wanna see more booties!! (me no perv, remember?)
If noone else wants to post, I don't mind seeing some other pictures of all the ladies who have already posted
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reppin the R&R + a weak attemp ;D

it's so big & won't resize ><
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YESHHHH! Lookin good viviern!
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I remember that ass video. It was hawt! They eventually tracked her down and she got into FHM magazine.
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haha im so tempted to post..
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