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No need to post R&R's the original is some bebe jeans and lorna posted some matics,
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TOF DO IT!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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aahahahah whoa, Lorna crackin the whip ;D
I'm scuurrrrreD! :X
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lol its ok he goes in my cellar, the toture basement if he misbehaves!
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eeeeeewwww such a little cutie thing can be scaarryy ohohohooh
lorna remember, i m still locked in the room you put me in and I ve the keys in my stomach.
so you can hear me because I speak loudly, but you cannot open the door yet
I think I like better being in that room than being closer to you having that (fake) wip.. Yeh I know you would not handle the truth about it being fake. mwhahahaha

*hears wip cutting the air*
ok ok I promise I ll do it!! me no liar
Just no today (I think) more likely tomorrow... but girls have to post!! zee, jayme and all the other lovely ladies.... therefore, gizmokat you ll have to do it
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ya ya ya, I already agreed to it, you better keep up your end of the bargain!
haven't decided which jeans, i'll prolly try a bunch, ;P
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pfffff you are in trouble!
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OK gizmo! I ve taken and uploaded the pic! lorna can testify. But that does nt look as good as the original ebay one or lorna's.. lol

I ll post after more people have posted

*grabs a drink, sits and watches from TV in cellar*

btw holding that position is really uncomfortable and hurts the back. lol I m glad not to be a girl
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yeh he did it and its funny.
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OK i'm in i'll try and take some pics
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lorna: scorching hot!

as a guy, I guess I'll sit on the sideline and enjoy this
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^ yes, lorna is hot
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Whenever someone talks about booty... always reminds me of Keyra Augustina.
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^ who's that?
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Couple years back, there was an internet video that circulated around about this girl's video (although very rated R, she was never fully nude if I remember correctly) but she had the most perfect booty ever, big but not huge, just perfect. Nobody knew who she was, and it took some time before someone tracked her down, and from that video, she became one of the most searched booty on the internet.

here is one of the pic:

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my booty is just too small to take part in this!
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Goddamn .... (Yes, my reaction after seeing Lornas pic)
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keyras booty is hot, i remember watching a video on youtube a while back.
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Her ass frightens me. But yours, Lorna, yours doesnt *dingding*
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ok, I can't leave Lorna hangin' out there all by herself, lol

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I was waiting for this! HOT HOT HOT! lol i was watching you replying to thread then manage attachments
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Originally Posted by jayme.michelle View Post
ok, I can't leave Lorna hangin' out there all by herself, lol


I was gonna give a +1 but it seems like I can't do it anymore...
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Nearly as good as mine...

Well, second winner is also a winner...
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omg jayme!!!!!
lets make it a matic festivus ;D

I have no butt so this is my best attempt, I think I threw out my back... lolz
pls excuse the underwear o_x;
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