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That's niiiice - real niiiice
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The angle and the arching makes it look super bootylicious.
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ahahaha we should have a contest to see who can replicate that pose best, lmao
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^^Thats a good idea Katie hahaha....but you go first
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love it
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lolz, CHALLENGE ON! hahaha, I'll make a post when I get home, OMG it's THURS I GET TO GO HOME!
can I use like socks and tissues for padding? LMAO
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Lol...great post Guest! I don't think I can quite pull that off...
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lol!!! im in too!!
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we have to wear RR or any jeans?
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you might even get me on board
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any jeans, but i'll probably post it in R&R cus we roocckkkkk ;D
won't get home till like 8pm pst, so someone else can feel free to start
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that's like kim kadarshian status o_o
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LOL I won't be able to post until tomorrow....hehehe This is too dang funny!!
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lol mine will be up in a minute once i find batteries!
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bwahaha yesshhh!
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Lol heres mine
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OMGGGG! I wish I had your curves woman
Good JOB! I think you kicked that original photo in the ass, hahahaha
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Turn around, stick it out....hehehe

HAHAHA just kidding, you totally kicked the first model's ass!! I honestly thought it couldn't be duplicated but you just made it better HAHAHAHA
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LOL! i still think that first model beats mine. I cant wait to see you girls butts
lol that sounded pervy, in a non pervy way of course
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yeh!! I ve been officially invited to watch this topic so i m gonna watch now me no prevert oh no

nice pic lorna!

too bad for you that no guys can enter the competition lol hehe so that i dont have to put a pic in here (you wouldnt wanna see anyway lol)
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calling HIPS, JAYME and all my other lovely ladies!! You have to post!
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gizmokat: oh yeh I d love too because I know how to do stupid postures (yeh if a guys does it that s a stpid posture unlike if a girl does it.. yummm (remember: me no pervert lol))... but I dont have RRs. Buy me some and I ll do!!

lorna: yeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh, this little girl says good things
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