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How much should I ask?

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I have an Espresso JUICY COUTURE Puff Parka that is from, I think, two seasons ago...maybe three. I have worn it *maybe* twice. It is perfect. Realistically how much do you think I can get for it on eBay? It is the one with the three Hearts stitched in the back and "Viva La Juicy" written on the inside.
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From what I have seen Juicy really seems to retain it's value. Especially if it is in EUC! Maybe a depreciation value of about 20-25% off retail value at time of purchase? Can it still be purchased anywhere?
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i have that jacket too! i love it!

i would say anywhere from $100+...
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What size is it? You may have a harder time selling.
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I did a search on eBay (completed and current) and found a black one and a green one that are still current. It is an XL. I'm so sad it doesn't fit it is HUGE on me...
I'll give it a whirl...thanks for all the input!
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