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mine still says pending shipment!
maybe it's bc i billed to canada and shipped to the u.s.?
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email: info@hautelook.com
to check the status, theyr'e pretty quick about responding
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annie those skirts are tts, and the color on the website blue/teal that's the color it is. its bright
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Can someone get me that skirt in a 24 and have it shipped to my US addy?
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i think you can order it and have it shipped to your US address they don't block international buyers from buying
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^I'm in Canada and I had mine shipped to NY, billing in Canada. It worked fine....but I did order before 1PM pacific time....it said that if its after that...they process the next day...
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The chain vetter skirt is back in stock (in sizes 27 - 30, 32) with a little less than 2 hours left
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wow they're quick. my shipment is already in houston. awesome
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omg, why am i only seeing this thread now???? nooooooo, too late
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me too...so sad!!!! =*(
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