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Sale is going on now thru 12/19 11pm central time.

PM me with your e-mail address for referral or go directly to hautelook.com to sign up.

Women's styles only.

**Okay guys, no more PMing, it always takes me forever to reply, so if you would like to give a me some credits please use this link to sign up: HauteLook.com
otherwise you can go directly to the site. thanks!
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Are you sure they're auth... I didn't think they ever did online sample sales...
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it seems authentic because i've seen the site advertise on numerous tv shows. order at your own risk. they accept returns so why not?
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katie they have the sodium scorps
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got it thx betty!
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i forgot to mention that it's women's styles only.
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The pics look auth, the site runs kinda like gilt groupe
I can't believe they really have that many sizes though...

they have simon shorts! $92
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yep, got a pair of shorts this morning. along with 3 other pairs of jeans that i probably didn't need! haha.
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My total came out to under $140 shipped... so unless you reaaaallly want them the savings is decent. We'll see if they actually ship! .. I'm still skeptical they have sodium scorps o_O;

They're definitely legit at least, but they list wayyy to many sizes...
Sign Up
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You really don't need to be invited to join. The website is Haute Look dot com. There is a referral credit that the OP gets for every person they "invite". I was going to do this myself but checked with Kelly and Dave and they felt that it was in the best interest of all of the members if the website was just given out since you don't have to be invited. But, if you want to pass along the savings to the OP, go ahead a pm her. Sorry to threadcrap, but I thought it should be known. If you want the referral credit, send the link to your friends who are not members of a forum. Just my two cents.
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ditto for gilt groupe, I found a registration form by googling...
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this was posted on their site...

How do I register?
First, you must be sponsored by an existing member. Once you have received an invitation to become a member, you simply click on "Register" and you will be directed to a page that will walk you through the registration process. A confirmation email will be sent to you. After receiving the confirmation email, all you have to do is click on the verification link, and you will then be an exclusive member of HauteLook.com.

but credit to my account is always good.

if its not in the best interest of everyone, then i'll be fine if the moderator deletes the thread and posts it with the site only.
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no need to delete the thread... just offer both options pm me for a referral or go to the sign up page instead of saying "pm me for invite" ...
on the signup page under "referal name" it says not required...

.... i'm still waiting for them to tell me they don't have my size *wahhhhh* sodium sccooorrrppssss... ;P
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this is awesome!!
how do simon shorts run again? i want a pair!!
should i size down one??
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no they run tts
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katie they have them DO NOT FREAK OUT
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Originally Posted by gizmokat View Post
ditto for gilt groupe, I found a registration form by googling...
oh really??? i couldn't find anything before i signed up for it...booooo
oh well...gilt groupe kinda sucks so i won't be getting any credit anyways LOL
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yeah but for every pair that was still available sz 24-31 was still available in the drop down >_< I dun beliiieeeveeee until I hold them in my hands~! hahahaha
that and I can't find them anywhere on ebay anymore... except in the wrong size occasionally ;D
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yeah gilt groupe is a higher end site and they sell less stuff per sample sale, I found some random signup form that was supposed to be for some members only magazine invite or something... i forget ;D
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^ i hope they have them available.
i noticed that all sizes are available too!
that would SUCK if it was not in stock.. i wonder if anybody has ordered from here..
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betty made some orders earlier today I think, but I guess we won't really find out until we get shipping confirmation...

betty did you get any shipping confirmation yet?

thanks for providing this link btw!
Totally great find!
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nope, no shipping confirmation yet. just order confirmation.

btw, all sizes are listed as available on the drop-down, but not all of them are actually available.
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