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question for men - shaving

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has anyone on here tried expensive shaving cream/kits versus regular drug store cream?

is it worth it, is there one in particular that is amazing?

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I've used a variety only because I either get them as gifts or my mother finds them on sale somewhere and I find them to be all really similar, I prefer the one that comes out foaming versus the gel that you have to massage though... Hope that helps.

Hey, maybe we should get Giorgio Armani to make designer shaving cream with the Acqua Di Gio smell!
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IMO Anthony Logistics and CO Bigelow shaving creams and aftershave products utterly blow out of water the drugstore stuff. All my friends swear by Clinique and Lab Series too. My b/f has tried all of them and more and yet contends that the Nivea shaving gels (2.99 per can at your local supermarket) is as good as it gets and he won't trade it for anything else.
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yeah, this is how my bf is too.. but he's always that way about stuff before i turn him onto a better, more expensive product lol! thanks, ill look into those brands
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thumbs up for Anthony Logistics... their stuff is great.
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Yes, Anthony Logistics shave cream is fantastic. Far and away better than drugstore brands. I also really like Men-U (might be my favorite now) shave cream. As for the original question I do feel the "expensive" shaving products are superior and very much worth the money.
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I'm using nivea sensitive shave-creme and aftershave.. I'm contented, so i don't need more expensive products...
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There are certain brands that just work for me, I would just buy whatever on clearance (you'd be surprised what sometimes lurks in the odd dollar store) and after trying & testing it at minimum damage to the budget I'd seek out the product on sale. I regularly come across those Anthony Logistics shaving kits usually costing $40-$50 for $5-$10 on sale in the mall and CO Bigelow shaving can be found really dirt cheap at bath & body works outlets. I am quite partial to Lumene shaving foam which every now and then CVS will put on the clearance rack for about 50 cents.

And then one time I tried the Guerlain shaving products and it worked on my skin worse than Old Spice or Brut. You just have to try.
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Originally Posted by *Tee* View Post
I'm using nivea sensitive shave-creme and aftershave.. I'm contented, so i don't need more expensive products...
The exact same things I use, and they work very very well

They smell nice and dont dry out your skin
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I have really sensitive skin and i've tried a lot of things. I've used stuff from Kiehl's to Mario Badescu to Clinique and I haven't really seen a significant difference from the products you would get a pharmacy. I've heard good things about Anthony Logistics so I might give them a try next.
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