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Originally Posted by dieselsmomma View Post
My breakfasts have been bigger than normal but that's ok becuase I'm compensating for it later.
That is an excellent thing to do because you are less likely to overeat for the rest of the day if you eat the most calories at breakfast. It also kick starts your metabolism
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hello, My gf is going to a wedding in 3 months and she wants to get toned and loose weight. I want to know if any girls know a site or a regimen where they show how to loose weight and get toned for a 5.2 footwomen weighing at 135. Goal is to loose 8 pounds and get toned and i have read throught this thread witch is very helpful. I appreciate it.
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Hi everyone Just wanted to see if everyone was getting where they wanted to be! I finally fit into my old jeans, and it feels great. I still want to lose a bit more, but I'm not stressed about it anymore!

I hope everyone else is feeling fantastic!
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just wanted to let everyone know i've been trying to eat better and i've lost 3 pounds!! yay!!!

i'm starting p90x tomorrow!!!
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I've lost 7 pounds since the first week of September
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ok.. no problem... i m in....
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ive been as heavy as 210+ lbs to as low as 157 lbs all my life since college. there were years when i could have been a ck model (imo). and years when i could have been a perfect BEFORE pic (imo).


anyways, this year i went from 198 lbs in april to 175 today. it's been 6 good months of steady exercise and eating moderately and healthfully. of course, ive had my weekends where i took a couple of steps back. but i plan to keep this off to at least till next summer.


i want to see if i can achieve my 157 lbs again that i was for many years during my 20s. im 38 yrs old right now and 5'11.

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^I don't know your frame or anything but...IMO, at your height, 157 is WAY too thin. (I'm a 5'6 female and that's just over the threshold for overweight for my height and sex) You probably look great right where you are now. My boyfriend is the same height and really can't get below 190ish (he has a pretty stocky frame) himself. I mean, I don't know that many women who like skinny guys, because they make their lady friends feel fatter in comparison...


Congrats on the weight loss, but I'd definitely caution you on dieting down any further.

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thanks a lot! yeah for all intents and purposes, 157 may be too light for my age and just the community of people i know (they all think i look great right now) but just my own personal goal to see what i can do with my body.

i was 157 for a long time during my 20s (and college years) and i never really looked "thin" as i always worked out w/ weights; i didnt look beefy or anything but just a nice sculpted look.


as this is a denim forum, i would love to fit back into size 29s or 30s jeans (im 31 diesel now but their vanity sized of course) as i think that size is the ideal in how it looks on someone. that is just me though. but thanks for the look out.


btw, im not actually formally dieting, im just not overeating like i have been doing past few years in my older age. i still eat a lot but more with moderation but cutting out junk like sodas, fried foods, crackers chips etc like i used to.

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outstanding idea

I also need to follow this

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Great idea but I won't be joining this one!!

I have problems maintaining 5 1/2-6 stone due to Ulcerative Colitis and it's quite hard enough finding jeans and clothes to fit without being any thinner!!!

Good luck to all of you but remember - health before thinness- only diet if you need to - I bet your boyfriends love you just as you are...icon_razz.gif;)
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Thank you for sharing !

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Hi guys! have you tried using HCG in losing weight? cheer.gif

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I have been eating under 1750 calories a day for a few days now.  Losing weight pretty easily here.

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^Jealous! It's difficult for me to see weight loss unless I cut to a pretty drastically low level (like, 1200/day or less) because my metabolism is terrible. Now that I've found a couple of long-wanted pairs of jeans in my old (5+ lbs ago) size, though, I need to get my butt back on the bandwagon so I can button them!

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