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Originally Posted by dieselsmomma View Post
^ yay court. I'm down 1 lb too...although I have no freaking idea wwhy. I have been keeping up my exercise (and yoga) but haven't been eating very well. Maybe it's because I had alchol posioning last weekend? haha oooops.

Anyways. My sister is coming today. I'm so excited. Except that will mean crave (i swear just a little one) and tonight we're going to my favourite restuarnt ever, Chili Club Thai House (Court, if you've never been you have too. Get the chicken curry, Pad thai and coconut rice, there is one on 17th ave by Sarcee).

Also...paintball and pizza friday to celebrate my sister/bf's birthday! I find my calories are easy to control with pizza...plainer the better and no more than 2 slices!
I've never heard of that restaurant but I will give it a go sometime and I love chicken curry
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I gained weight over spring break. BUT! I'm back at school- YAY - so I should be okay in a week or two. PLUS! I start my conditioning class tomorrow, so mandatory workouts 5 days a week
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ugh I'm so sick of all these eating/drinking occasions coming up!!!
I've gained about 1lb (maybe water retension from tons of salt), but I'm still trying to eat ok.

I just need a long boring period when people don't want to eat, drink, dance, and go to Dennys in the am. Can you tell I'm a little frustrated!?

Court you must go, you will probably need reservations on a fri/sat night.
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^If you go out, can you get perrier and lemon/lime instead of alcohol? Its fizzy but yummy!!! I assume you are talking about the hangover/still drunk visits to Dennys lol.

If you have breakfast at Denny's, I would get poached eggs and toast if that is available and see if they can substitute hash browns/sausage etc. for tomato slices or fruit. I have to find the site but it was scary seeing the calories in some Denny's breakfast dishes
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^ god I usually just eat off of my bf's plate.

My diet has been crummy. Mostly because of my sisters visit. I'm pretty down, it's a busy stressful time and I just really didn't need this. *sigh* at least I'm not back to my start point right?

I'm having such a hard time re-learning proper eating habits! grr.
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OMG! Okay, so I started my conditioning class (basically I just go during the day and workout during the class period) and it's AMAZING! This is like the first time I've worked out (in a gym, doing traditional excercise) in like 6 months and I can really feel the difference! I feel much more encouraged now.
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ooo conditioning class....sounds interesting.

While I don't seem to be losing weight I am definatly getting fitter. I stopped running (because I started yoga) and started running again. I was shocked at how well I've been doing! It's not really like I stopped. I'm also back to the calorie counter again because my eating got a little out of hand (I like to snack, not on bad things, well ok, I am not an angel all the time, just too often).

Things are going 'OK' I guess. 5 lbs would make me a lot happier I must say. I know I know, but numbers do mean something to me!

I have true religions in the mail, they should be here this/next week. If they don't fit I am going to cry.
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I haven't weighed myself but I went lane swimming for the first time in 5 years with a friend. It was so much fun
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I've dropped 2lbs thus far. Still feeling good. I fit into my skinny jeans again and my new TR's fit

I've got less than 5lbs to go for the summer!

I've never tried lane swimming because all the people look so professional and I just flounder.

But I did use to do aquafit with a group of 60 year olds. There is nothing like getting hit on by an old man in a speedo.
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Hmm... I gained three pounds But, I may accept the fact that I'm not supposed to weigh any less than this and just let it go.
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I haven't lost really any weight but I am more fit than I was at the beginning of the year, which is a real accomplishment. I can run around the school track 3x after 40 minutes of cardio. I also gained muscle mass in my legs and my biceps are getting hard.
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I am down to 169.8, from my original weight of 176.8

I admit I went on dexadrine for potential adult ADD I suffer from, and 1/2 the weight I gained on the birth control pill was lost

I am still swimming
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aw congrats court. I had a terrible weekend and have been self medicating with food. I don't even want to touch the scale. It's end of semester so I figure whatever, I'll just "be" until Friday.
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I'm so sad and unmotivated. I'm sick of school!!!
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I'm sick and all I want to do is eat myself into a carb induced coma.
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Hello ladies!

I am still holding steady,none lost or gained which is ok with me for now. I think I may have plateaued a bit but, hopefully when I move to Chicago in two weeks all the walking will do me good and a few more pounds will be gone!
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okay, I officially give up on my diet. I am 100% sick of eating salad. I hate salad. I will live with being 21 bmi
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i'm gonna start this too!

i've gained ten pounds since i've moved out of my parents house and i'm gonna try super hard to loose it before summer. none lost yet .... but i haven't been eating well at all! .
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eh... I've taken my "after" pics... lol
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i think i just ate my weight in chips and salsa tonight ...

man my willpower is crap....

...ok i'm starting tomorrow! ... i wish this only took 2 days to loose everything...haha wishfull thinking!

what do u ladies eat to lose the weight?? ... i don't think i can be happy with salads.
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I effen hate salads lol. I don't mind spinach salad but the thought of eating salad all the time makes me cringe.

I eat a variety of foods like poached and hardboiled eggs, baby carrots, berries, cucumbers, red pepper strips, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, low fat cheese, and protein bars for snacks.

My typical meal is some kind of lean meat with steamed veggies, and/or rice. I don't eat a lot of bread because it upsets my stomach and I am also getting tested for celiac disease this coming monday.

Breakfasts for me are typically oatmeal cooked in skim milk with fresh fruit, unsalted sunflower seeds and/or dried cranberries. I also like poached eggs, high fiber cereal, yogurt, and fruit.
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I may need to jump back on the bandwagon. I gained 3 pounds. and I ate three slices of pie last night. Yeaaah...

BUT! I've decided to try and do tripods every day because my fitness teacher was AMAZED at how unflexible I am. I can't get my hamstrings to a 90 angle, which is bad, and apperantly I've got NO flexibility in my back... Odd thing is, I gain muscle/strength in my back super quick. In half a trimester, I've moved up about 70 pounds on the lower back extension (110 to 180).
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Originally Posted by callire View Post
okay, I officially give up on my diet. I am 100% sick of eating salad. I hate salad. I will live with being 21 bmi
Natalie, if your BMI is 21 you are more than adequately slim You look great so no worries! Just stay healthy and keep fit.
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Eh... yess but I do need to tone up.
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omg the thread lives on......

Ok, so I gained back all teh weight I lost. End of school, tons of parties. I know , no excuse, but it happened.

I'm doing a super yoga kick start to my diet. I'm going 3x's a week and running on days that I don't go. Since I'm working during the day managing my caloires has been a snap.

My super t's and silver crowns are placed where I can see them at all times (espically where I like to snack).

I'm trying to lose 6-8lbs for July FOR GOOD.

Oh, and I LOVE salad! Nummmmy. Lately I've been having cup of soups (those little packs) for lunch and some snacks. My breakfasts have been bigger than normal but that's ok becuase I'm compensating for it later.

Saturday I'm going to a bbq. I'm scared. I'm going to wera super tight pants so I don't want to over eat and be uncomfortable!
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