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ok people....where are you!!!
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I am still around. I am starting to exercise again after having a nasty sinus infection that knocked the crap out of my body. The only challenge I am facing now is losing 15 pounds for my plastic surgery appointment at the end of March. I took a different brand of birth control pills in December and I gained 15 pounds in 2 months with them, along with high blood pressure but I am not on them anymore. The weight on the scale is starting to shift but it was bad timing to have that happen.
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Hello lovely ladies! Sorry about the long absence...I have been crazed with work and I just got a new job so, phew!, I am back now though...

Still doing well and maintaining the loss so far, I am trying to lose another 5lbs in the next 3 weeks or so...(I just bought a pair of too small jeans for inspiration lol)

How is everyone else holding up? Did the chocolates get to anyone else on Valentines?

Dieselsmomma: Don't get too discouraged, life changes are a slow process and the turtle always wins the race. BTW, I love your new avy, you are a knockout!
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i just had a really bad night
ate so much food -- unhealthy food
hitting the gym tomorrow for sure!
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Ok so I am so excited right now...I have officially dropped down one jeans size!

I have tried on all of my 31's and they are perfect! I cannot wait until these are too big as well!
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oh courtzzz dont worry I'm sure you can lose it. BP weight SUCKS.

Congrats BrairPatch! weeeeeeee!

My friend lost a bunch of weight and it's really motivating me. It proves that "really it's not that hard" and that I can do it (again).

I kinda did nothing (still exercised but drank and ate) for 2 weeks but have been back on track. I managed to fit into 2 pairs of jeans (the inbetween sizes) and I remember how great it feels to have so much denim choice in the morning!!! 8 more lbs to go. whoot whoot!
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According to my scale, I'm down 6 pounds from my original weight. I'm thinking of loosing 4-6 more and then stopping.
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Despite the roadblock that caused me to gain 15 pounds, I am still exercising and eating healthy (I hate eating junk like kraft dinner, processed foods etc.).

Good news is since I switched to tricyclen-lo from linessa that caused me to gain weight, my blood pressure went from 139/89 to 120/84 in 2 weeks and my skin cleared up in 2 weeks as well. I feel confident now that the scale will shift down
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yay court! and congrats callire!!! I love both of your pics by the way!

I just ate...dun dun dun! wings for dinner! *gasp* To make it not so terrible I limited my portion size and did NOT have a single pint of Canadian with them. It was hard, but I even turned down the rum and diet. I also exercised this morning and plan on going for a run in about 1/2 hour and doing some pilates.
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i've dropped four pounds since i last weighed!
but this saturday's gonna be a stinker for me
alcohol and nachos -- very very good nachos my friends mom is a freakin god when it comes to nachos
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I've lost 1 pound but my ribcage is where the weight seems to be coming off of right now
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Congrats on the weight loss everyone! So I've had amazing progress lately. Only 5lbs to my goal weight now.

I went and did "hot yoga" today. I loved loved loved it! I'm going again tomorrow and plan on looking into buying a package.

Also...I had a great time last night at a b-day party where I: didn't eat any food, and only drank rum and diets (ok, so I had a few more than I should have had, but it was a big improvement).
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Down 2 pounds
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^ awsome! I'm down a pound too, which makes me happy. I'm missing yoga this morning and it sucks, but I'm going tonight at 6pm instead. Or Friday morning. I can't decide. I'm missing this morning not to be lazy! But because I have a group meeting afterwards and getting there on time is probably not going to happen.

My next challenge? I need to stop over eating on yoga days. Seriously, for some reason I'm starving afterwards. So before I go I'm throwing away all my garbage food so that I only have healthy food.

This weekend I'm going to some hot springs, or maybe edmonton to go shopping. It's up to my bf he's taking me for my anniversary So I here by pledge to the people who frequent this thread that I WILL NOT over eat and be a piglet where ever I go. In the face of fast food I will pick the healthiest option and avoid fries. At any dinners out I will order some type of salad and will avoid booze at all costs. I WILL remain happy with my weight loss instead of disapointed with a small gain!!!
hahaha woo! feel the power.
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Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in a while but I have lost 8 pounds since new years. It's basically been 1lb per week. Yay!
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Originally Posted by malves View Post
Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in a while but I have lost 8 pounds since new years. It's basically been 1lb per week. Yay!
Congrats!!! And losing a pound per week is a very safe amount to lose because it will be fat your losing, and you are less likely to gain it all back
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My weight has stayed the same. I'm trying to pick up the running again (since starting yoga I haven't been running as seriously as before).

My goal for the week is not to over eat at the bbq on friday night. My goal for the next week is to stay away from treats when my sister comes! NO marble slab, NO crave (ok ok if we go to crave I"ll get a small cupcake and that is it).

Spring don't come yet! I'm not ready.
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This week I haven't been at the gym as much as usual because its been a hectic school week. I haven't ate any junk food this week and still sticking to my normal, healthy diet.

Last week I drank a little too much alcohol and ate some junk a few days that week but I managed to stay at the weight I was the week before.
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Hi girls!
So last night (after having a horrible week) I decided to get my butt into gear and stop thinking about it.
I did spinning for 45 minutes, abs class for 30 minutes, and total muscle conditioning for 45 minutes. I plan on going spinning again tonight!

I feel much better already after working out. Hopefully I can see the difference soon.

Does anyone know if spinning is a good cardio exercise to lose weight? I sweat so much while I'm in class, more than I do with the elliptical, etc. Thanks for any info!
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^ I have no idea. I'm too terrified to step into a spin class. But isn't spin class supposed to be a killer work out? I always see the biggest loser people on bikes....oh god, how sad. I'm making inferences from the BIggest Loser...
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I am in a spin class right now and I find it more exciting than just sitting on a stationary bike at the gym. I find that my class really gets my heartrate going and we use all kinds of resistance levels. Even though my class is once a week, my legs are toning up quite nicely.
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I love spinning so much. I never get bored and I am always motivated to push myself. I really don't know the benefits of spinning (weight loss, toning, etc) but I love it and it makes me sweat..thats all I care about
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Down 1 lb
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^ yay court. I'm down 1 lb too...although I have no freaking idea wwhy. I have been keeping up my exercise (and yoga) but haven't been eating very well. Maybe it's because I had alchol posioning last weekend? haha oooops.

Anyways. My sister is coming today. I'm so excited. Except that will mean crave (i swear just a little one) and tonight we're going to my favourite restuarnt ever, Chili Club Thai House (Court, if you've never been you have too. Get the chicken curry, Pad thai and coconut rice, there is one on 17th ave by Sarcee).

Also...paintball and pizza friday to celebrate my sister/bf's birthday! I find my calories are easy to control with pizza...plainer the better and no more than 2 slices!
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^oops but I forgot about the marble slab ice cream cake....mmmmmmmm
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