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Is this a common problem? Has anyone had a surgery done, and would you recommend it?... Or what kind of products/foot accessories would you go for?
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Ive never had one but here's some information I found that might help:

Wear roomy shoes that have wide and deep toe boxes (the area that surrounds the toes), low or flat heels, and good arch supports. Avoid tight, narrow, or high-heeled shoes that put pressure on the big toe joint.

Use bunion pads, arch supports, or custom-made supports (orthotics) placed just behind the big toe joint on the bottom of your foot. They can help redistribute your weight while walking and take pressure off your big toe. Ask a health professional to help you choose the right kind of pads.

Use moleskin or felt patches over or around pressure areas to protect the bunion from being rubbed by your shoes.
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aren't you a dancer hot chocolate? It is a very common problem for dancers, especially if you do pointe. I had problems for years when I was dancing and they go away a little when you stop.
I wouldn't recommend surgery until you are a bit older as it is an extremely painful procedure and they can come back if you are still doing the same activities as before.
Wearing high heels doesn't help either...

The best thing I can recommend is to try and stay away from high heels and narrow shoes or wear bunion supports when you do wear them. Also, soaking your feet in hot water with epsom salt will help to soothe them when they are sore.

Sorry that you have to deal with this, I know that they can be painful sometimes
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I have them. They wanted to do the surgery on both of my feet several years ago but I was dancing and I refused to have it done. Mine never went away or got better (I didn't know that they could, since the bone has basically shifted). I still wear heels all the time and strappy sandals, which I know is bad, but I can't always wear flats. There are bunion supports which you may want to try. Also... I don't know if this would work, but when I was en pointe, I would use these gel bunion aligners, which is placed between the big toe and the 2nd one. They realign the big toe to be straight and therefore made it harder for your big toe to be pushed into a more crooked position. I'm not sure if that would work for you in everyday wear though...

Bunheads® Gel Products - Space Pack®
Bunheads® Gel Products - Super Spacers™
Bunheads® Gel Products - Bunion Buster®

If you are a dancer, get these!! (The ouch pouch toe pads are amazing, too)
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I just saw this.. I too was on pointe as a dancer, then rock climbing in shoes that put pointe shoes to shame. When it cut into my running i had it done by a climber doctor foot surgeon. Just my right one.
I watched the whole procedure (really). He cuts the bone and realigns it to be straight. If it is really crooked it won't go away.
The surgery was a pain in the ass but I am really glad now that I had it done.
Keep in mind I am 48 too, I had this done when I was 29. If I hadn't I can't imagine what my foot would feel like or look ike now.
Those old ladies with the hideous lumpy feet? YIKES
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I have them and it is all genetics, unlike anyone on this thread, I was never on pointe and nver a dancer (I onlt become a dancer afer 5 oz. of Jager )

I hyperextended my big toe on the right foot one time and 'discovered' my bunions. I thought it happpened over night, my family told me I had always had them :roll

My doc said I could have the surgery, but it was probably better to wait until it was really interferin with my life. As long as I don't wear a heel over 2" I am good. Any higher and I literally can't take more than 3 steps.

So I am waiting till the pain bothers me. I am very picky about any shoes I buy now. I have some Dansko clogs which are great because they are roomy. I have some Frye Mules and they have been fabulous as well. I alos ended up going up about 1/2 size and seem to do pretty well with that.
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