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Gucci Authenticity Question

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I recently bought a Gucci Bag and I'm having doubts about its authenticity.

Is the fabric on the inside of the bag supposed to have a print that says "GUCCI" on it ?

Also, the serial number on the back of the leather tag isn't straight. It slants slightly upwards on the right side.

I wish I could take pictures of it but for now, I don't have a camera. Any thoughts?
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Pictures would help...but my gut feeling says it's probably fake. where did you but it from?
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I was watching the tyra show and they cut in half a real gucci hobo and a fake one, and the fake one had gucci written a lot on the inside so sorry, but i think your purse is fake
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I believe the lining should not have Gucci written on it. I have 2 large gucci horsebit hobos and both do not have Gucci written on the lining. I took a photo of the serial tag (front and back) for the one I am selling. You can take a look and compare it to yours.

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