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There is an article in the spring/summer 2006 issue of Sportswear int'l called "The Real Deal". Basically, they interviewed Andreas Kurz, Ceo of 7 for all mankind, Paul Guez, ceo of antik/yanuk/taverniti (yes, all owned by the same people for all of those who didn't know), Chip and Pepper Foster, ceos of Chip and Pepper ( I met Chip- very cool guy, btw), Mark Saltzman, coo of True Religion, and Peter Kim, coo of Hudson.

They asked each the same questions-
1.How are you personally combating counterfeiting
2. How is counterfeiting affecting your bottom line
3. How can I be sure I have a real pair of your jeans?
4. Where does the threat come from? Local? Overseas?
5. If you source, how are you controlling your designs?

To sum, most evetyone has a legal team that they are using in conjunction with state and federal officials to arrest the counterfeiters and the sellers of the counterfeit items ACCEPT Hudson. They are "just watching" currently.

No one feels it is affecting their bottom line yet accept for the additional expenses of hiring the legal teams. A few of them said it is just annoying and aggravating and they honestly don't know how it is affecting them.

Seven said you can tell theirs are real by the strip inside, chip and peper said all of them have a birthdate and is numbered on the inside, hudson talked about the wash, fit, etc. My favs were Paul from Antik- "Honestly, if anyone asks you to pay 38 bucks you know it is fake, because it costs me more than 38 bucks to make" and Mark of True religion, "I would prefer not to discuss. This can tell our counterfeiters too much."

Most think the threat is overseas and ebay, google ("those people are gangsters").

Lastly, most didn't really answer this question. They don't source out, or just keep a close eye on the factories they do use.

I was going to just scan the article and post, but then I thought about the copyright, so I hope the above summary helps!