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"professional" nails?

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what colour nail polish is considered professional? and i mean uber-professional, think business formal office attire always.

i know french tips is the go-to, but can anything else be done? pinky-browny-nude?
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Skip the French mani and get an American mani. The base colour should be closer to your skin tone and the tips should not be starch white. It's a more 'natural' mani, French manis tend to come off too strong.
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as long is it's on the lighter side of the pink/peach and nude colors you should be fine
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I do this French with a white tip and then go over it with Sally Hansen's sheer pink tint, it has just the barest of a pink/red tint. Just looks like a healthy nail color. I love the contrast, but I want to try it with a softer white.
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frosty pink! i like tutti frutti tonga by OPI
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sheer nudes and whites and pale pinks
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I second sheer whites. I think it looks really classy.
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anything really light and neutral.. pinks/shimmery champagne colors, etc

basically nothing that distracts the eye
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