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Men's Grooming?

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This is specifically talking about body hair, heh. Anyways, we all know that women have there legs, underarms...yada yada yada...

So I was just wondering, is there any actual "rules" for men, or are we pretty much open for the "cavemen" look?
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I think the rules thing is BS. what do you like to do and how flexible are you on that? There's your answer.
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I agree with Kenics, its all about the individual and what they like.

I shave my chest and arms ( and all areas of my nether regions), other guys dont even like to shave their faces.
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Yeah bro, there are no rules, its up to the individual and what they feel comfortable with.

Myself, when i was younger (20) I would shave my chest, but I would get skin irritations as a result...
Having body hair as a man is totally acceptable, however, if it is on the excessive side just trim it and keep the hedges tidy so to speak, but u dnt have to scorch the earth.
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No rules.

I'm Asian so I don't have to shave that often, once every two days. As for the region down there, keep it trimmed and neat!
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depends on how comfortable you are with your body, really. im super self conscious and ive got numerous body image issues so i just tend to avoid the topic altogether.

with that said, for the most part the consensus ive heard is that girls dont really place to much emphasis on it. it is, after all, natural.
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If there ever were a rule it would be - trim, but never shave.
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