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It NEVER stops............

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So the lovely Cherie sent me a link to this auction:
$320 DIESEL jeans LOWKY 71L skinny size 24 - (eBay item 330192556140 end time Nov-30-07 07:49:12 PST)

Which is clearly using my description AND photos from my auction here:
$320 DIESEL jeans LOWKY 71L skinny UNIQUE 30 fit 29 nwt - (eBay item 200178057181 end time Dec-02-07 19:02:40 PST)

AND a photo from this auction:
$260 DIESEL jeans LIV 61E long Skinny Straight 25 24? - (eBay item 200177084605 end time Nov-29-07 19:27:24 PST)

I sent them a message saying i did not want to report them but they must take down my photos immedietly..

THIS IS THE RESPONSE! (Can you believe it?)

'first of all stop writing me messages of stealing because you are accusing me of something that is not true. Second of all you are selling fake jeans, a friend of mine bought a pair of jeans from you and they were not real. So stop selling fake stuff and pretending that they are real. My merchandise is real that I purchased in stores. If your are going to send me another email about "stealing" your pictures I will contact ebay that you are harassing me, selling fake items and most of all accusing me of something that i did not do. '
'better yet i have the document with your jeans saying that they are not real from nordstrom. she will do whatever she wants about this issue, but i can assure you that your merchandise will not be sold on ebay any longer'
SO I REPLIED saying took look at the photos and you can see 'copyrighted to hipslikemonroe'....

She replied:

'where? what picture does it say that in? i will email you a copy of the document about the authencity that is under your account. once i will get in touch with her we will solve this issue once and for all thank you.'

What the hell is goping on lately? I swear i have some people who are against me.. She sounds like the same person..or the sister of that other person..

Oh boy.
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Ignore the other issue they are haters... Just report her is all you can do
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Holy crap.
Well, when it rains, it pours!

I found someone stealing my juicy pics but I just ignored it because I didnt have time to report her at the time.
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Its madness isnt it?
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<-- is going to stamp 'copyrighted to hipslikemonroe' Much bolder from now on..
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put it like this across your pics so theres NO chance someone could cut it out



if you know what i mean.

Well thats lame.. I totally had it going on a slant but when i posted it didnt slant..
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report her for stolen pics; put her on your blocked bidders list
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Done and Done
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Go zee!!! some people are just plain dumb xx
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holy crap i cant believe she is DENYING the watermark........what a freakin jerk!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, they all do! they cut it off and then deny it or they just deny it over and over-its amazing!
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what a dumb bitch, she must be a moron yeah got a letter from nordies my butt. oh wait she must be friends w/ that other moron that stole your pics and accused you of selling fakes and saying she didn't want to pay and then said ok i'll pay.

i'm tellin you Z you need to be more agressive and report these people and file NPB strikes etc
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Hmmm.. *rolls up sleeves* Ok, here i go..
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<hiding behind her chair>
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oh and if she thinks she bought fakes from you why hasn't she filed a claim. and how the hell do you get a letter stating something is fake when you don't even have it in your possession, damn crackheads
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Z get mad, get mean, get even

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What a Loony!!! and a LIAR! I would be mad as hell if I received that email. If you report her through your powerseller link, they will take her listing down within 24 hours!
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Originally Posted by hipslikemonroe View Post
<-- is going to stamp 'copyrighted to hipslikemonroe' Much bolder from now on..
You should put it in a darker color. I almost didn't see your watermark at first.
Hopefully people will stop doing this (stealing your pictures and being rude) to you.
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Its my mistake, i just work so hard on my pictures then to write all over them is sooo not what i want to do..but i have too, now even bigger and bolder.. *big sigh*

I need to bulk up before i go acting all tough.. hehehe
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I just saw that first auction and was going to send you a PM! Good thing Cherie is also on top of it

Good luck... I can imagine your frustration because I can tell you spend LOTS of time getting your auctions perfect
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i'm all over ebay like white on rice baby
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^ but what if you are eating brown rice like me... or fried rice (not white)
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SO they wont take down the auction because apparently my photos are searchable on search engines.. I cannot believe this!!
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DUDE WTF assholes

and WTF when i google Hipslikemonroe
my avatar shows up lol wth along w/ like the rest of HF lol werid
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i took this to chat to make more people aware...
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