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Originally Posted by mspowerbomb View Post
Has anyone gotten botox in their armpits to stop excessive sweating?
I've definitely heard of this. My doctor has little pamplets on it when you go into her office. Don't know exactly how it works but its supposed to help if you sweat excessively
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So I've looked everywhere and I guess they must not sell Certain Dri in Canada or something??? Missbest, I might need you to send me some. Has anyone tried Arrid Super Dry??
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Certain Dri works great, I just started using it
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A good friend of mine has done it and she´s hooked about that. For her it is every cent worth.
She really could wear only black shirts before she has done it because her shirts were getting extremly fast wet. No anti-perspirant could help her, it was too much sweat.
She doesn´t feel that the sweat comes out somewhere else I can understand this because I know how she felt bad all the time before starting this botox-treatment.
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For real though, I've been getting it done for about 2.5 years now.

I have had excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) since I was 15. I could easily sweat through three layers of clothing without getting up. I am a very heavy under arm sweater. I started off on a prescription underarm antiperspirant, that was comprised of a ridiculous amount of aluminum chloride. It itched like crazy, and actually made dyes bleed out of some of my clothes. After time, it also started to give me underarm cysts.

Certain Dry is available at most stores, and it is a watered down version of it, but be careful with it.

I stated on the Botox after I saw it advertised in a magazine and found out that my insurance covered it.

I stated going to a neurologist for the shots at first, but he would only give me a few injection in each armpit, and I never noticed any great results.

After moving, I started seeing the local plastic surgeon for my botox needs, and he give me a total of 72 injections between my two armpits. It works like a charm though, I haven't had a drop of sweat in one year.

I do not agree with those of you who think it makes you sweat more anywhere else. I've always been more of a medium to high sweater anyway... but it's not like I have water rolling off me anywhere else like I did when I was excessively sweating in my underarms.

Mine lasts for about exactly 6 months before I start to notice spotting in my pits again.
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anyone tried Almay clear gel? it works WONDERS (for sweat and smell) and its the clearest deo I have ever used, and I thought Mitchum was clear...this is like invisible.
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Wow angeeleeta, if you don't mind me asking how much did the 72 injections cost you?
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Originally Posted by mspowerbomb View Post
Wow angeeleeta, if you don't mind me asking how much did the 72 injections cost you?
My insurance covers it, however, I should explain a little bit more in depth.

The first doctor administered about 8 shots in each arm just hoping and expecting that the botox would spread under my skin on its own. It didn't, hence why I saw no results.

When I told this to my new doctor, he was a little shocked at the other doctors lack of knowledge/laziness.

He explained to me that he needed to inject a little bit of botox into every single one of my glands to insure they were paralyzed, so I wouldn't sweat at all.

The 8 injections were probably the same amount as the 72 injections, but the 72 were properly placed.

If you have insurance, check, if my insurance covers it, I'm pretty sure anyone else's insurance would as well. It's a pretty serious problem and quite hard to deal with if your sweating is like mine was.
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I just read about underarm botox in New York Magazine last month. There is this spa offering botox in the armpits for a flat $1500. I might just stick to clinical strength deodorant for my pits! Check it out though Botox in New York City - Underarm Overhaul at Shizuka Medical Spa Manhattan
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Certain Dri works great, I just started using it
I'd like to retract my endoresment of Certain Dri. I used it last week and I have a terrible rash from it right now. We're talking blisters here, folks.
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