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Underarm botox?

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Has anyone gotten botox in their armpits to stop excessive sweating?
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WHOA wow can u do this?
I've never even heard of it! crazy stuff! I wonder if that would make u sweat more elsewhere though or if u'd have a problem cooling off?

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Loads of celebs do it, i heard about it, its to stop sweating, they have it done before premiers and award shows and stuff like that. I heard its not that good actualy cause it means you swear more everywhere else.
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Botox works, but Lorna's right, the sweat will just come out somewhere else. At least you won't have pit stains. Certain Dri anti-perspirant works well, but not for odor. I made my guy use it on his feet once before a softball tournament and I actually didn't notice when he took his cleats off in my car.
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yesss i heard about this procedure too, and you'll just end up sweating more somewhere else.
I always wanted to do this because i DO sweat a lot. so embarrassing! but drysol works the best for me.
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Tboneia which dri anti-perspirant do you kno that works
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I tried the Secret clinical strength but that one doesn't work too well for me.
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Originally Posted by queen.chow View Post
Tboneia which dri anti-perspirant do you kno that works
It's called Certain Dri. It stops moisture, but then there's the whole odor issue. You may need two products.
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I used to use DrySol - a prescription strength of the Certain Dri. I got it just to use for special occasions. I usually sweat around my hairline when I dance so I would put it on that area as well. The only thing that bothers me is that you ITCH so bad when you apply it. You put it once a week at night, let it soak in, then don't really sweat during the week. However, your pits get so dry from the lack of moisture, I used to put lotion on them. When I worked out, I needed deodorant to cover any hormone scent bc you still do make some odor but no wetness. I would try that before botox!
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^ wow that sounds like some extreme DO amazing... where'd u get it?
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the botox also wears off after a while. i read celebs get it before awards shows and such...sweat stains on an evening gown=not sexy

it's frustrating but some body types just sweat more...my roommate could run 3 miles in a sweatsuit in 90 degree weather and still be dry, meanwhile i'm on the elliptical for 5 mins in shorts and a tank at the A/Ced gym and I'm dripping
I don't really mind sweating when i'm working out, in fact I feel like it's kinda good, like I'm sweating out bad stuff, but i sweat a lot normally too, which sucks. I'll look into Drysol, thanks for the info!
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I've used the Drysol too, and it does work amazingly!! In Canada, you don't need a prescription, but you do have to ask the pharmacist for it. And watch what you wear to bed, because it will bleach stuff. It is very powerful!!
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Cool, so Drysol can be found at any pharmacy?

xtina054, did putting lotion on your underarms help relieve the itch and dryness?
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I got Drysol through my dr. (in the US). I remember you had to apply the stuff at night and were supposed to put plastic under your arms to maximize the effect - I didn't do this but it still worked on me. It itches when you apply it (for like a couple of hours) but you can't put lotion on top of it - I used the lotion the day after which helped with the dryness of the area.

For me, it seriously itches when its soaking in but I tend to have sensitive skin so maybe that was just my experience. It is totally worth it if you oversweat.
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I had got a prescription, but the pharmacist told me I didn't need one...could be an Alberta thing, I don't know. The itching is for real, and you have to dab it on, because if you run it on, it will burn. One night I couldn't stand the burning, I had to get up and wash it off. And you are supposed to wash it off in the morning too. Sounds like a lot of hassle, but it really works!
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omarosa was on e tonight and they showed her getting it done...no thanks! it looks so painful
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OK when is her 5 minutes of fame going to be over!??!?!?!?!?!?
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Does Drysol make you sweat elsewhere?
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Not that I noticed...you may still sweat a little but its controllable. No more excessive sweating.
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mspowerbomb, i sent you the secret clinical strength right? that stopped working for me for a while. i finally took everybody's word and started using certain dri. it's SOOOOOO awesome. i use it at night and then certain dri AM for day. the only problem i had was during the summer i had the SWEATIEST hands EVER!!!!! of course it was like 105-115 out here, but my pits were dry, my hands were NOT!!!!
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You sure did missbest! Can you believe that it's just available in Canada now? Is Certain Dri available in Canada? Haha sweaty hands has got to be better than sweaty pits.
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^^ if it's not, i'll gladly send you some certain dri and certain dri AM! just let me know
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I have to try some certain dri because I sweat a lot in the armpits. When I was 18, I started getting really sweaty under the armpits and deoderant would wear off after an hour.

However I am using degree right now and it actually works for me and the deoderant stays on for several hours. I still occassionally get pit stains
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Court - You should try Certain Dri if you want to make sure there are no wet marks

chrissy - try the Certain Dri on your palms. It works on feet and the skin is similar.
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Wow...what use will they come up with for Botox next?
So far my list includes:
-wrinkle reduction
-shrinking muscles (facial/calf)
-arthritis pain reduction
-local sweat reduction
-spastic disorders (MS, stroke, Parkinsons)

I wonder who discovered Botox.
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