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ugg tags and boxes

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do any uggs have tags on them attached (see pics) and do all the ugg boot boxes have the sunburst kind've thing behind the words on the top or do some have no burst??
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Ive never seen a pair of uggs with a tag attached and ive bought about 8 pairs.The most recent pair i got direct from ugg australia after i sent them a pair that i had bought and wasnt sure if they were real or not.The pair from ebay turned out to be fake.Anyway the new pair i got came in a box that has a separate lid and the size and style sticker is on the right hand side as have all my other ones.I think the older boxes have the lid attached.
The fakes i got were very good and if i hadnt already gotten real ones i would never have known.The letter u in australia on the tag is a bit different on the fakes it has a tail.(not sure if thats the best description)
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Item has been removed so i would say they were fake.
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those look strange
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I agree. Those do look strange. I just bought a pair today and they do not have a tag attached to them. There is a sunburst that says ugg Australia on top of it on the top of the lid.
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