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Fake LV Azur Speedy 30 From Member, Lots of Pics. I'm Very Sorry, What should I do?? - Page 2

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The seller has been a member of the forum for while sometime and i haven't noticed anything wrong with any of the seller's listings except for those several attempts selling those Azur Speedy that the seller has.. wondering how many he/she is trying to sell. Like I said the way pictures were taken and stuff, it seems to me almost like he/she knew the items were not authentic and still tried to sell and lied about the authenticity.
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mello_yello_jen, courtzzzz69, liliebugz, lauriebell, kellygawtscammed, preciousjwl26, 2venus, missD, welovelouie,

Thank you all for the attention and inputs!! I feel I'm highly supported by so many members here. Thank you all!!!!

NO RESPONSE FROM THE SELLER!!!! I'm taking actions. But paypal is useless because it's over 45 days. CC chargeback is in progress, but still takes time.
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What a scumbag seller, seriously....!!!! I think it's time to BAN the seller. Good thing I never sold/traded with the seller even though they recently PMd me about an item I had up for sale. Arghh I'm so frustrated for you ShoppingAmaze and I cant believe a fellow member would sell fakes. Ridiculous.

Are you not in the US? You and the buyer who bought the wallet (omg I'm going to PM her about it right after this...) can file small claims and take him/her to court. Hmm or if someone has his/her phone number, you can call. Even better, if you know where he/she works, talk to management about it!!!

Wow, I'm very upset about this. Maybe I have way too much trust but I cant believe someone of this forum would willingly (so the evidence shows) sell fakes...
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I'm in the US. The other poor buyer is overseas, but does have relative in Houston. I think we can find him if we want to. I hope this FAKE SELLER can realize it can be really bad for him, and refund us the money as soon as possible. All people who sold stuff to him/her have the ADDRESS. It's easy....
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Does anyone still have his/her address, and likes to provide that to us? If yes, pls pm me. Many thanks....
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Oh yea, you can definitely find him if you want to. I know a couple ladies who were once victims of an attempted (I say attempted because they eventually got their money back or the item that they bought) scam so I can get more info for you guys if needed; legal process, contacting the police in his area, etc.

Good luck!
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I did have their address (I sent them a Saks coupon a few months back) but I don't have it anymore
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oh man this sucks!!!!

has the seller been banned yet?

its totally apparent now that they knowingly sold a fakie.
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A fake? oh no, I'm so sorry that this happened to you ShoppingAmaze. That sucks, but it's great of you to take responsibility and I really hope you get your money back. Thanks for posting those pictures, it could even be a sticky for people new to LV.

I agree with a lot of people about banning this person. I thought we were only to post items if it is 100% authentic. I'm no LV expert, but that envelope is a dead giveaway.
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that's why i hate paypal, they suck. Don't even bother with the paypal complaint, just contact ur credit card company. I hope everything turns out fine.

Also, like Jenny said, definitely try to get his addies, his info, report if u can. Now this whole thing makes me so upset, this seller is so horrible. I have some legal contact with LV and stuff, let me try to gather all of those together and i'll let you know.
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I have his name and address. We have relatives in HOUSTON who like to help to find him. I hope he knows it can get really bad if we report to police station. The total fraud amount is almost $1000, which is bad enough to get a lot of trouble.

I saw he logged on at Yesterday 09:22 PM.
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...to the bat mobile!!! do yo thang girl!!!
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I was supposed to get partial refund(after I reported it to kelly) for something he send me that was damaged but he never did and never responded to me so I let it goo on top of that I have always thought item was fake so I am sure it now
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this should be moved to drama so more peopel can see it
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Originally Posted by tiff View Post
this should be moved to drama so more peopel can see it
Agree, please move to Drama!
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I'm so sorry that something like this has happened to you and probably to more people than have come forward right now. Hopefully this rat will have to face the legal reprocussions of his actions. This stuff just makes me sick.
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I wish you lots of luck!!! I am glad you popped his name, I think everyone should know, especially since he is still selling.
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TNN is no longer a member here.


I'm sorry that people here were scammed by this person and it makes me so angry that they did this. I could understand 1 fake bag being sold by accident but the fact there there are at least 3-4 incidents involving TNN and fakes, I doubt this is just an accident. Please file claims/chargebacks. Let us know how it turns out
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I also want to add that if anyone ever suspects something of being fake, PLEASE report it or pm one of the mods, we will be sure you remain anonymous as we investigate the claim if that is a concern.
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Originally Posted by ShoppingAmaze View Post
Edited: His/her

No reply from the seller!! What Can I do if she doesn't refund?

It seems like another member also got a fake from this seller. She got a fake Gucci wallet.......
So...now that tnn79 has been banned, I guess I can come forward as the buyer of the fake Gucci wallet. He claimed that his 'sister and her friends' use his account to buy/sell and he doesn't have anything to do with all these fake items. He even had the nerve to say that me and ShoppingAmaze don't deserve full refunds because we came forward months after buying the items and they could have been used in that time. Like WTF??! They were fakes!

If anyone else has been scammed by tnn79 please post here or contact me or ShoppingAmaze - we are going to report him to the police where he lives and our case will be stronger if more people come forward.
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I emailed him that we'll report him to police. He responded that it's his sister using his account and sold fakes. He'll find out and refund the money if the items are really fakes.

But he complains that he cannot see my pictures and evidence because he's banned. He asked me to send him the link and description. But all the details are in the thread, he cannot see it without the access. I know he's making us excuse. But he might delay just by using this as an excuse.

what can I do?
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hows the chargeback going?

i wouldnt deal with him if i were you, get the money first.
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he can see this thread and the pictures...more lies
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What an excuse- like seriously, why would someone put their HF account at risk for someone to sell items? TNN is just making up lies and trying to cover his ass cause he got caught selling fake items.
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