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how to take out UGG insoles

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i need to seriously replace the insoles of one of my ugg boots and i saw they were selling the replacements online. people left reviews saying they put them in their uggs but how do you take out the insoles???

i've tried pulling them out and everything but they're stuck there!!

do i just put the replacement on top of the original insole? i'm sure that's not the case but it won't come outttt

help me please
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try looking on zappos.com in their reviews on the ugg replacement insoles to see what people said.

i read on them a while back, but i forgot what they said.

i think they just put them on top of the old ones. but i also think they said something about getting a size smaller than the size of your uggs alsobecause they way they fit...
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I know that the Ultras have removable insoles...but the regular ones don't. So I'm assuming that you place those ones on top like regular insoles. I'm not sure though.
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^ oh really? darn
but if i have 2 insoles, wouldn't that make the shoe feel tighter?
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I have a pair of classic minis that were a gift and a size too big, I added a gel insole for comfort and put another ugg insole on top of it and they are so comfortable now. Uggs tend to squish down then be a little loose, so i think stacking the insoles is fine. New ones are so fluffy and comfy too. Makes your uggs brand new again.
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