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Mine didn't have the nipple rivets - they're flat. The stitching is lighter pink - bubblegum pink throughout.

I'm not sure what you mean about the logo on the pocket?
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Sorry I just meant the stitching on the pocket, the color on mine doesn't match the stitching on the inside of the jeans and I just noticed something else that makes mine 100% FAKE: The inner tag if looked at VERY closely has dashed lines on it, like the placement to be cut from a roll of tags if that makes sense? ALL my other R&Rs with this type of tag if you look VERY closely at those, you will notice all around the tag looks like it was a perforated piece, not ever cut from a roll.
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I'm convinced mine are fake now, inner tag, nipple rivet, inner stitching and also the inside of the pockets, the material just looks like crap, it doesn't laid down nice in the jean, it gets all bunched up and wrinkled like the other fakes I have owned I'm off to file a dispute dang it

I really don't think the seller had a clue either I seen some of his/her other auctions and they were real. Seller said she bought them from a powerseller on ebay(didn't say who it was)...which of course doesn't mean they are real, but dang it this sucks
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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear it. That sucks bigtime

Chromas are a risky lot. I'm waiting on this pair - praying they are real. They look good (stiff, not slumpy squishy), and there are lots of photos (you have to scroll to the side). The tag on these look different then the ones I have.

ROCK & REPUBLIC JEANS WOMENS SIZE 29 100% AUTHENTIC NEW - (eBay item 220168394410 end time Nov-06-07 03:42:30 PST)

Hopefully I don't have to go through another dispute!

Good luck with yours!
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^ those are real from that auction
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dian i still think yours might be real. i have a pair of non crystal stevie chromas. i'll go home andtake a pic of the tag for you to compare like to like
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Yes Cherie, please take a pic of the tag. That tag in the auction looks the same as mine as far as font, etc....BUT my stitching still is spaced too far and just not "clean" if that makes sense? My inner tag is also not that perforated type either, the one in that auction is, I can tell by those good close up photos that seller has. I'll try to take a better pic of my tag too....
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my tag doesn't have the perforations either
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This is what I mean by the perforations....The first pic is the real jeans from that auction, the second is my tags and my tags have a pink dashed line that you can't see in the pic, so I photoshopped it into the pic so you understand what I mean....
....Double click on the images to blow them up...

Do your tags still not have the perforations Cherie?
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All my other R&Rs have those perforations if they have that tag....
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mine don't have the perforations i don't think, i have 5 chromas so i'll check all of them, i never really checked super closely
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I never checked that close until last night either....but this is driving me nuts!! Seller said she would refund me what I paid, so I'll probably lose shipping Oh well...I just REALLY don't think they are real, I wish I could ship them to you Cherie, you would see what I mean....but I'm 99% that you won't find that your inner tags don't have the perforations, as I have seen MANY fakes that have those dashed lines like these Chromas.
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I think you should pay 6.95 and ship 'em to Cherie
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Well I would have to pay $5.25 for a flat rate twice if I ship them to her then another $5.25 if they are fake to return them, that is $15.75 and I'm 99% sure they are fake. I have just been hoping
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Oh, I'm sorry then, at least the seller is giving you a refund.
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Yeah the seller was pretty nice and I did direct her to this thread, I don't think she knew as her other stuff was real as far as I could tell too....
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take a picture of the front wash please, the whiskering of the front would be a dead give away.

Also the Feel of the material on fakes is VERY different from R&R.
If you run your hand up the leg from hem to waist it should feel velvety. If it does then it's real. I don't think the fakes can duplicate that feel.
And if the font is exactly the same on both tags, then you're good to go because they almost always get that part wrong.

They might be wrinkley and the stitching is more spread out because they've been washed/worn/preloved... it seems like they were based on the picture of the hems.
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unforfunately chroma is one wash that can look really shitty in pics depending on the camera, lighting, and person taking pic. i've looked at some chromas that were real but look fake in pics. chromas are one wash/style that really need to be judged in person
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imo, feel is everything, if the material feels similar/same to your other R&R's then they are real. If they feel papery or stiff and not velvety then they are fake. No matter the details (tags, rivets, stitching) they will always get the material wrong.
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The most obvious to me is when I compare the pictures with the back pockets.
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Yes, if your looking online but in person the easiest way to tell is the way the wash feels imo.
Then again I've only gotten one pair of fakes :X
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Guest, the more I look at your pics, the more I'm convinced they're fake! The back pockets fading, the placement of the flames and the overall make me think they're fake when I compare them to the real ones.
Like for example, as soon as I look at the pair from MmHmluvthosejeans , the pair she just won, I can tell from the first pic that they're real! Don't even need to look further.
Sorry, this really sucks for you! Hope you'll find a solution soon.
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I don't know I'm not convince they're fake, compared to MmHmluvthosejeans they look different since hers are placed closer to the bottom of the pocket. But compared to my stevie chromas they're pretty close, unless mine were fake too but the material felt right and I had mine authed.
Guests pocket edges are really straight which the fakes usually get wrong.

The only difference is the placement of the chromas logo...

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Your flames are wider, see how they go out closer to the edge of the pocket? I was going to take some more pics at noon, but didn't get to go home, I'll post some macro pics if I can tomorrow!!
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I don't know i'm so on the fence on this one ;P
Why are MmHmluvthosejeans pockets so different?? Different batch?
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