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Guys in Uggs?

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Ok, the other day ago I saw a guy wearing Uggs with the collar rolled down. I usually see Ugg boots as a girl thing, and Uggs are originally created for surfers to wear when it's freezing and they are on terra firma and out of their wetsuits. Is a guy wearing Uggs(not the slippers, that's OK in my book) for looks acceptable or weird? Personally, I would rock Uggs after surfing/scuba diving or before/after snowboarding.
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it would actually depend on the person and his fashion sense. definitely not all guys can get away with wearing uggs...
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hm..actually i was thinking same thing..all tought im not a surfer but if id wear them id do it in winter shen theres snow outside.i think it would look good with your jeans tucked in(and people who cant wear cuts like thanaz but would like to wear them can have their opportunity as the jeans would be tucked in in case you wear high uggs.i havent seen a men wearing them yet here,only girls,but i recon it would look very good on men if the whole outfit would be ok.i just dont want ot be the first one wearing them here as people might think im gay or something
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wearing something out of necessity is much different than for fashion. sure, some things cross over, but until you see people wearing wetsuits at the mall, i'd advise against it.

you don't have to listen to me though. i may be biased because i think uggs look like shit on everybody.
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nay for me, there is nothing attractive or stylish about a man wearing fuzzy slipper-esque footwear
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I'm pretty sure I'd laugh if I saw a guy in Uggs. I used to throw up in my mouth a little when I saw them in the first place, but I've moved on to just being annoyed by them.
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Yea, like I said if I do find myself in a pair of Uggs, it would be for after surfing or b/a snowboarding - since you're in stiff boots that provide support when you're strapped in on your board but they are a PITA to walk around in.
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fucking no one should wear uggs
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If a dude can rock a TNA bag, I'd say Uggs are par for the course.
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Originally Posted by 2venus View Post
If a dude can rock a TNA bag, I'd say Uggs are par for the course.
TNA bag? Explain.
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It's a Canadian thing. Just search eBay for TNA/Aritzia/Lululemon bags. Actually, Paris Hilton has a black multicolour TNA logo bag.
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If a guy is comfortable wearing uggs, why not?!?!
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If you like thhe look, comfort.. Wear 'em and wear 'em pproud!
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I could see any guy that did buy Uggs to use them as house slippers. That being said, I can't think of too many guys that would pay $100+ for house slippers.

But if guys like them and it suits their style then yeah... why not. Jakolin, Uggs aren't suitable for the snow because they are suede. They would be great on really cold days, but I'd keep them away from any kind of moisture.
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Originally Posted by sillywahine View Post
it would actually depend on the person and his fashion sense. definitely not all guys can get away with wearing uggs...

i agree.

depends on the person and how they wear them.

for sure not all guys can wear them. but i've seen some that can and they look great!
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I'll go with no.
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based on the guys that I've seen wearing uggs....NO. I"m sorry. If you want to wear them after snowboarding/surfing until you get home fine, but everywhere else no. The shoes are just associated with a certain type of girl and I don't think it crosses over well into the male domain.
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^^^ I'm curious. What type of girl?
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Not something I'd like to see on my man
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Originally Posted by Tboneia View Post
^^^ I'm curious. What type of girl?
all my friends told me I shouldn't get my uggs because I'd be that "fashion girl, look like everyone else." I thought I already crossed the boundary with my denim obession and did it anyway Not to insult anyone, but that's definatly the way A LOT of my friends feel about UGG boots.
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^ actually a better description is from those little blurbs "People You'll Meet in University/College," obviously, the one about the "fashionable girl."
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You'd be that "fashion girl" who's wearing shit played out 2 years ago...
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^ sure am, I thought that I already implied that?
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Hell no. Uggs for men is way too feminine imo.
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I wouldn't let my fiance wear uggs...

But I seriously think there may be guys who can pull it off.
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