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COLORED jeans: thoughts?

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I think I want to get a pair. I saw a girl wearing some the other day and they were pretty hot...if you do it right. Anyone know a brand that makes some nice ones? I'd like to get them on sale/cheap somehow, since they wont be regular rotation really.

Also, what do you think about them in general?
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the brightly colored skinny jeans has already been in for a few months in LA, and i've seen it done quite a bit. my favorites that i own are by purple rich & skinny ones, red j brand ones, and turquoise siwy ones. i think they look cute, especially when paired with a simpler top, but i have a feeling the trend isn't going to last too long. already, i'm having some problems figuring out where to wear them, and what to wear them with. don't make the mistake i did and spend a lot on them. urban outfitters and nordstrom's BP departments both have nice ones that are well under $100. urban, in particular, seems to have a lot of nice colors, and they havesome thinwale corduroy ones that look kinda cute, too. i think they're about $48-$68, and the one i went to even had some of the pastel ones on sale for 29.90.
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I think they are kinda "out" now....but citizens makes some very cute punchy colors and they are clearanced at many places. if you want some cheap ones old navy has some too.
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^ that was quick...
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i have a pair of red tr johnny's that i got for $95. i love em
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Read TheDenimBlog.com on the issue.
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I love Zathan's 674. Not that I am a fashion expert though, just kind of personal taste.
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So long as you're not looking like a walking pylon they are alright to me. Diesel has some sick colored denim washes that I think are so hot, but nothing in your face colorful...more like brown, gold...
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I'm from a small town in Ky. and I used to get color jeans really cheap at the place I worked at at the mall but then I started going online so I could get quality jeans because mine lasted maybe a day. I found the best one's from shopakira.com I think they're based out of chicago. But I bought these really cute ones and the color is so different. Here's the link: http://www.shopakira.com/products/color-blast-skinny-jeans-in-ocean-blue.html

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