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/////////////// Welcome to the NEW HONESTMALL!

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Dear HF people!

We are super proud to announce the launch of our brand new HonestMall!!


Go ahead and give it a whirl and check it out. We will be moving old posts to "old mall" where you can still see them and finish up your transactions.

To post to the new mall simply click the nice big new item button:

To really make our mall awesome, please be sure to post one item per listing and everybody really likes pics so try to upload 6 really nice crisp pictures of your item. And be sure to write a really clear title and description. In the description it is required to provide measurements for all jeans sales.

To buy an item click the contact button and begin communication with the seller. We at HF can't be responsible for your transactions so please buy safely and be sure to ALWAYS fund your paypal purchases with a credit card. Oh and when an item sells you can just click edit and mark your own item sold. Easy as pie.

Super super props to all the many many people that made this mall possible. Especially the designers and programmers and all the people that came up with awesome ideas.

Ok have fun!

-Dave and the programming team and all the mods
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doesn't look very good in IE right now. but give it a test in firefox and it's quite nice.
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looks perfect in opera!
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Very snazzy! Looks great!
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Looks good in Firefox.

$1000000000.00 for "something" I smell a FAKE!!!
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it's still hella broken, with the "learn more" button going nowhere among others.

However, I've watched this thing with morbid curiosity for the last few months - way to rock it out!
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yea we are transitionioning over to the new system. need a bit of time to get the transition done.

plus we have a few more css and html tweaks here and there. but the main thing is that its finally off the ground and running...er or flying. or whatever the analogy is.
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oh boy, css.

rock on
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damn, no +1's yet.
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It looks like it is going to be fabulous! It will be fun to sell my first item in the new mall
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and +1 for the whiner :P just kidding.
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sweet. got one.

ok so who's gonna be the first person to post in the brand new mall?
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I have $10 down that it will be a female :P
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*waits for the first new item to be listed

EDIT: sweeeet. we got our first item up. props to Mimichauchau!
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im using a mac book pro..and i cannot post a new item on safari..nothing comes up on the post new item page..

when i try to post items using mozilla firefox..it lets me input everything..upload pictures..but then when i hit submit/preview..i receive an error.

havent tried it on my pc yet..i will do that tomororw..but it looks good!
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wow you weren't lying. the formatting is quite messed up. the page is splitting really wide.

here is a screenshot.

yea firefox is probably the best bet for right now, we are going to go through and re-tweak the css and html for both safari and IE.

thanks for your patience!
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The mall sections and what not seem to be leaking to the actual forum....Not sure if that is intended to do so...As in, isn't the HonestMall suppose to be a separate part of the website? Or is it going to be part of the message board?....just a bit weird...
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yea the forum is a big scattered with sections right now. but we'll clean it up after we completely transition over to the new mall.

i can't wait to see it start to fill up with more items for sale.
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so are we suppose to post the items from the old mall to the new mall?
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great idea!

if you would like you could easily post to the new mall.

just be sure to post a link on the old mall listing that says something like "i have moved my item for sale to here"
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^ oh ok, thanks for the info Dave! Cant wait till this picks up!
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OMG Dave, I love the new look of the mall! and the accessories section is nicely categorized!!! a BIG +1
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YAY! It's up

Dave and the programmers did an amazing job at designing and building this monster. The mods and several members were also super helpful in our testing of the new mall too. So thank you, all!!

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Looks pretty sweet.
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